There are changes at Relish Downtown and rumor has it that Johnny is no longer involved with either restaurant. Does anyone know where he has gone?

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What are the changes at Relish downtown?
Small group of regulars, all friends, have all noticed several differences in our favs, from the recipes to the packaging. As for mine, the chicken in the Chop Chop Salad is cooked a bit longer (and drier) and I can no longer taste the lavedar (the menu board still lists "Lavendar Grilled Chicken," but I noticed it is referred to only as "Grilled Chicken" in the flier) and the salad comes in a styrofoam container. Dressing is on the side and tastes different. The proportions of ingredients are different, and most importantly, Johnny isn't behind the counter, working like a whirling dirvish! Does anyone know where he is, what he's doing?
Ack! "dervish"
Johnny WAS the Boss Man, but the rumor I heard was that he was bought out by his partner, and that was a few months ago too. I wonder if both are regarding the same Boss Man?
That was the same rumor I'd heard. Not the baby, but the buyout. Big fan of Johnny- let's hope he resurfaces soon!
When they opened at the Menaul location, they carried a lot of interesting cheese, but stopped when Carrie opened the Downtown Gourmet. Are they offering big cheeses in the display case again? That would certainly be a draw for me...
It is true. Johnny is no longer involved. Sorry to hear the food isn't the same. My god those were good sandwiches.
I heard this a couple of months ago. Too bad, he was the brains behind those wonderful sandwiches and fantastic homemade mozzarella. In my opinion they were the best sandwiches in Abq. Such a nice person too. Does anyone know if he is still in town or maybe going to start up something else. Last time I got a sandwich it was still pretty good but I did notice some minor differences.
I can definitely say that he has sold his share of the business and has moved out of state.....more updates in the future.
whoa, girl....take a coupla deep breaths....
That's too bad. I really liked them but didn't go very often due to their pricing.
That is correct. No more Relish downtown, people.


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