We'll be putting up a tree this holiday since our little one is a toddler (yeah, it doesn't make much sense when I put it like that....maybe we'll invest in some tie-downs also). Usually a vendor sets up in the parking lot of the farmer's market near our house but there aren't any trees there this year. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good place to find a newly cut, small tree at a reasonable price. 

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We usually buy from Just Sprinklers on Montgomery.  The last three years the trees have been incredibly fresh, they will cut the bottom for you and have lasted until we are ready to take them down.  I think they have all sizes and prices.  I hear Osuna Nursery is good as well.

My trees always come from a lot on Juan Tabo just south of Lomas on the west side of the street. Can't remember the name of the group that has it. My advice is set the tree on a table.

We always buy from the flea market. Never spent more than $25.  They trees are always from "around chama" and they are not textbook symmetrical, but we have loved and enjoyed them all. But we're not fussy people in general.

The Delancey Street lot at Pennsylvania and Indian School isn't the cheapest but the trees and people are the best.

Galloping Grace Youth Ranch!  Coors and Irving NW - they have a beautiful tree selection and a neat themed play area for kids and a free petting zoo.  All proceeds go to their local charity!

I know this is likely too far away for a trip with a toddler, but my mother got her tree from the forest service folks at the Valles Caldera. They have $20 pre-cut trees that they've thinned out from around the area. I'm very charmed by the look of New Mexico-native Christmas trees...so different from the usual thickly branched things grown on farms. I've been using bizarre LED and fiber optic  trees for the last 7 years, but I'll probably go with one from the Valles Caldera next year.

On Griegos just east of Rio Grande a guy sells trees from Mora, NM.  He's been selling there for years. 

One of our fave tree purchasing spots! But my first choice is through the USFS... I love heading to the mountains and picking our tree there, though I know (from experience) that doing this with a toddler adds some challenges. Merry Christmas Hettie!

We're excited to share all the wonder of the season with someone who's impressed by.....well, pretty much everything the world has shown her so far. Merry Christmas to you and your family, BB!

Awesome! Thanks for all the great suggestions Fixers!!


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