So my birthday is coming up in a few days, and hubby wants to know where I want my cake from.  My list is coming up pretty short!  I'm looking for a really moist, heavy cake with a good range of flavor options (red velvet, maybe chocolate orange, or banana with chocolate ganache, etc.).  We tried a local favorite last year (let's just call it XYZ Cake Shop).  While I'm a big fan of their cookies, etc., their cake was nothing like what I'm interested in.  We ordered white and chocolate layers with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting.  The cake itself was nice, but kind of an old-school really light and fluffy style (I prefer really dense and moist), and the cake was thickly covered in an incredibly sweet buttercream that made my teeth ache, with a very thin layer of cream cheese frosting over that.  Then the entire thing was spray-painted with brilliant (and finger-staining) green and blue coloring.  I know it's a highly revered bakery, but just not my style in the least.


Looking around at other places I've had good luck with in the past:  Sweet Blessings -- gone.  Just a Bite -- gone.  Cake Fetish:  still pretty good, but in my mind not as good as when Carrie owned it (but luckily, she's still around, making the best donuts in town over at Rebel Donut!).  Cake Fetish is probably my default choice at the moment, but a girl like to have options, ya know?


Any recommendations?  Something in the NE would be a bonus...  My two little boys also have birthdays coming up next month, so we're in need of several cakes in the next little while!  Thanks so much.


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I LOVE Whole Foods Chantilly cake. and I don't really dig berries all that much. It is so incredibly good! You can buy it by the piece if you just wanna try it out...

Hands down Whole Foods.  Berry Chantilly is to die for, as it the German Chocolate, as is the Red Velvet, as is... everything.  I worked there for nearly a year and gained 15 pounds doing "research" in the bakery department.  So yeah... if you want a cake done right... they're the spot.  :D

Very cool! I hadn't thought of whole foods for cakes for some reason. Do you know if they cater and do wedding cakes?

I just had some cake at a birthday party and it was really good.  The cake was moist and dense and filled with a light but flavorful chocolate filling.  The frosting was buttercream and was rather dense as well.  I was surprised to find out it was from Costco of all places.  I also like the Chantilly cake from Whole Foods.  There is a French pastry shop on 2nd and Menaul right across the street from St. Therese School.  They make all sorts of cakes and pastries.  I've tried ABC cakes and wasn't impressed.  

jimmy, you're talking about Pastian's.

Second Le Chantilly, butter cream frosting, the best in town...

Bianca, what did you decide?

So we ended up going with Cake Fetish as usual -- ordered the Boston Cream Pie flavor.  The flavors were definitely the more sophisticated type of cake I go for, and the cake it self was nice and dense, but it could have been significantly more moist..  Also, just a picky point, but I really like the really sugar filling of a true boston cream donut, and the gooey chocolate icing.  The cake had a more sublte pastry-cream type filling (much less like vanilla pudding) and a lovely bittersweet chocolate ganache. (Bonus, though:  Cake Fetish uses a really nice Italian/French-type buttercream icing!)  Could have used more filling, too -- it was only a 6" cake, and so with hte border of buttercream between the layers, there wasn't much area left for filling -- ended up being less than half the diameter (see picture).  All in all, a nice cake, but not yet cake perfection! 



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