Where to go out for dessert tonight (Other than Flying Star)

Going out w/ my home girrls tonight! :) A bunch of us mom's want to go out for dessert tonight, but would like to try somewhere other than Flying Star. Any suggestions?

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How 'bout going to the Melting Pot and just ordering the chocolate fondue? It is yummy and we have gone for dessert only often. There are 2 in town now. One by ABQ Uptown and the original in Old Town next to Seasons. Have fun.
The Old Town location closed...
yeah but it reopened at abq uptown
Yup. I was responding to Querquegirl's original post above...
Ecco Gelato or Olo Yogurt in Nobhill!
the desserts at p'tit louis on silver in nob hill (just west of wellesley, next to guiseppe's) are amazing. they're the sort of place that would be lovely for just dessert and coffee and they don't mind if you linger and chat.
of course, I just realized it's after 8 and you're probably already out. hope you all are having fun!

i vote for the sampler plate @ Scalo.(for future such dessert outings)

It's cheesecake, gelato & tiramisu.

Sit in the bar and order coffee (w/kahlua or tia maria, or Irish-style, if you're so inclined...they can do it all) and savor it.

Plus, they have live music most nights of the week.

It's my n'hood destination for an after dinner sweet fix.

Cafe Jean Pierre (I-25/Jefferson, behind Chama River Brewing Company), has the most amazing crepes filled with all sorts of goodies. Plus they usually have tarts, bread pudding and other french desserts.

One of my favorite dessert places is Nick and Jimmy's.  Bread Pudding, Coconut Cream Pie and Creme Brule, tiramasu is a family recipe.  Wait staff will tell you which desserts are the freshest.  Had bread pudding and tira with an irish coffee last Saturday and went to sleep smiling!  Yum!

Wow, Thanks for all of your suggestions! Can't wait to try them all out! Yum!


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