Is anyone else interested in supporting a struggling local business with a Cash Mob?  If you aren't familiar with the concept, have a read of this article or this one.

Basically the idea is to inundate a local business with customers, showing support and reminding everyone to buy local.

Who would be some good candidates?

My thought is that for the first one, to get this idea rolling in ABQ, we should choose a store that has broad appeal (like the hardware store in the article) - possibly a book store, clothing, etc.

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My nomiee is The Chile Addict Store, 325 Eubank Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM  87123  Everybody, in my experience, likes pinon coffee, and they sell lots of other stuff, too.  Its a great place for proud New Mexicans to find not only New Mexican products we want to use, but gifts for friends in other states which help to promote an interest in New Mexico tourism.

Hmmm. I really like Cellar Door. Although we don't shop there often (not really a staples kind of joint), the owner is extremely nice and sincere in her customer service. Of course, the business may not be struggling.  The idea of a focused influx of money sounds like a lot of fun.

Cellar Door is alas, no more...the owner got a good job in her field somewhere else and they've been closed for several months now.

Wow...there's that. A lot can happen in a few short months.

I've been reflecting on this since I read it ~ 24 hours ago.


I'm thinking Tully's Meat Market on San Mateo no. of Lomas.

It's an italian specialty market that's been in ABQ since the early '70s, starting out around the corner on the north side of Lomas.  It was run by a mom and pop, but for the the last several years (maybe even 10?) their son and his family have been running it, though Mom also is frequently in the store.  They serve sandwiches and lunch, too, but it's primarily a meat market.  They sell their homemade Italian dishes in family size portions in the freezer and the shelves have Italian pastas and other Italian specialties-sauces and olives and other antipasto platter stuff.

I'm not sure, like a previous post, if they're struggling, but with all the growth in WalMart supercenters, we've seen a shift in the supermarkets--some Smith's closing; the Whole Foods taking over the Wild Oats-and there used to be an Italian deli/specialty store on Coors, so of Alameda, next to the Albertson's, that survived for years, but has now shuttered their doors, so I sense that it's a challenge to survive in today's market.

The Mom is near and dear to my heart, because I went in once, about 15 years ago, looking for Ronzoni fettucine noodles, beacause the recipe on the side of that box was the only way I knew how to make fettucine alfredo.  She saw me, looking distressed when I couldn't find any on the shelf.  She explained to me how to do it (beating the egg, how to add the grated cheese, when to mix in the egg) and she even pulled off a piece of butcher paper and wrote it down for me (as I'm sure she sensed, in my frenzy, that I wasn't confident I could retain her directions).  I still refer to those notes, when I make fettucine alfredo.

I think Tully's Market is a good candidate for a cash mob.


Interesting option.  I could get behind that, but I do think Tully's is doing all right;  I'm fairly sure they own the building they are in. 

Is anyone aware of a biz that is struggling?  It would be hard to know because they certainly wouldn't advertise it.

I still think The Chile Addict is a good choice, but who says it has to be just one? Tully's is good, too.  Not just for meat, but for cheese too.  Really great parmagiana reggiano for the low, low price of $17.99 @ lb.  And given the quality, it IS a low, low price.  Other great Italian and other cheeses, too.  They also market their own homemade meats and ready-for-the-pot raviolis, and tomato sauce and subs and other delicious sandwiches.  I have been a customer of theirs since shortly after moving to Albuquerque in 2002.  And, they must be doing well, because they have expanded--they now operate an Italian bakery specializing in cakes and sweets in the same little strip of stores.  Great place for gift shopping for Christmas or birthdays.

Juan's Broken Taco

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Wherever anyone decides to do a cash mob, I am so in! I'm not too familiar with struggling businesses around here, so I don't think I'd be too much help in that area. But I'll think about it and get back to you guys! 

Let's partner with some other folks that are planning too.  If we can get everyone together, this could take off!  I just heard about a group in fb for cash mob burque.

All independent book stores are struggling:  

Alamosa Books has an incredible selection of Children's literature

Bookworks is one of my favorites for browsing

Page 1 Bookstore (sadly I've not been there, but I know they are a local favorite and filed for Chapter 1 Bankruptcy)

These local bookstores support local authors and often host events such as open mics and poetry readings and they also bring nationally known authors into town for readings and signings...  something Amazon can't offer. 


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