Is anyone else interested in supporting a struggling local business with a Cash Mob?  If you aren't familiar with the concept, have a read of this article or this one.

Basically the idea is to inundate a local business with customers, showing support and reminding everyone to buy local.

Who would be some good candidates?

My thought is that for the first one, to get this idea rolling in ABQ, we should choose a store that has broad appeal (like the hardware store in the article) - possibly a book store, clothing, etc.

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Page 1 is the biggest independent bookstore in town. They filed for Chapter 11 and are limping along, but I'm sure they could use the money!

Hi! I'm a bookseller at Page 1 and we would love to welcome a cash mob at our store. Feel fre to contact me directly at and we can set up a time - that way we have the staff ready to assist!!

I'm all for this one.

I can always use more books (or, I always make more room for them!), and I feel terrible for most-often choosing amazon with their free (prime) 2-day shipping and ridiculously low prices.

Page 1 is awesome (I miss Page 1 Too!). And Alamosa won my attention and affection by hosting the John Green's The Fault In Our Stars tour stop, and the opening for local children's book author Caroline Starr Rose's May B.

I would be happy to join a page 1 cash mob.

also, page 1 too was merged into the main store, which I actually like a lot more. it means that they put any used copies of a book right next to the new ones on the shelf. it's great because I've often found used copies of a book I'd have paid new prices for--which means more money for books!

Page 1 also has a great selection of Antiquarian / Rare books. And if a book isn't in stock, we're happy to order it and in most instances can offer a 10% discount!

Page 1 was thrilled to welcome Caroline Starr Rose on the day that May B was released. We had a great turnout and the folks have responded well to the title.

This is a great, timely interview

id like to second the idea of bookstores (local)  such as page1 or Bookworks.

How about some of the local gardens/ community agriculture businesses?

Erda Gardens:

Skarsgard Farms (formerly Los Poblanos Organics):

Or the local growers markets (which probably won't be open for a few more months)

I don't know that they are struggling, but they're good causes and provide fresh, local produce.

Or how about La Montanita Coop ( or Moses in Los Ranchos ( Local and I'm sure they could use support.

Los Poblanos/Skarsgard are doing quite well for themselves...seems like a cash infusion could make a bigger impact elsewhere. But it's a great idea in general!

I really like the local bookstore idea. Maybe because I love books & bookstores. Plus, I feel there's something for everyone there! 

Papers in Nob Hill. Love that store!


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