Was just chatting with my accountant today (noticing the opposite of wealth in my coffers) and wondered who is the wealthiest person residing in Albuquerque.

Any candidates you can think of?

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Church of Scientology? heh.

As for the Maloofs and Mr. Daskalos, Colleen might still have a residence here. I had read that she moved away, though. Jason Daskalos can live out of town and still be the landlord/owner of the Crappy Behemoth on Central.
Heh. Crappy Behemoth. From now on that is what I shall call this monstrosity.
As I remember, one of the property owners back there used to be involved with bottling Coca Cola in the region.
Interesting list! Although I'm pretty sure Andy Turner would not make the list today.
The Luthys, the Unsers, the Brunacinis.
Wow. Interesting responses so far. I agree with obts that there are probably many that we do not know. I think our list has a disproportionate amount of restauranteurs, probably because we come in contact with those places regularly, but don't necessarily come in contact with other industries as much.
'tis is true. I know a few people that are in Insurance, Investments and Construction that are very wealthy.
Good list albeit dated. Yates still live here, as do several Andersons. Hope Aldrige (Rockefeller) used to own the SF New Mexican, too. Also can probably toss Mock family (Jaynes Corporation) in there- as well as Scott Karsten, of Karsten Homes who sold his biz to Buffet about 3 years ago. Cha-ching. Yeah, restaurantuers can make good money, but often times it's a secondary operation or interest to the main cash flow operation (thinking Kapnisons with Yanni's but really the $$ is in real estate in SF/Nob Hill).

Typically folks who work at the big co's get the press/attention, but as you have pointed out, so many folks are unidentified who make hella more money than the Pres or PNM guys- thinking of several practicing attorneys (full partners), physicians, owners of accounting firms (one of which was just recently in the news), beer/booz distributors, car dealer owners, Abruzzos, Blaugrunds, Simms, Rembes...
who are the most generous?
For that you have to dig into the reports from United Way, NMSO, Albuquerque Community Foundation, Barrett House, etc. I do know that the Blaugrunds name turns up frequently. I am sure there are others.
Danny Granger live in the area, or did he blow his money on the batcave. ;)
Not Bill Gates. He left in 1979, the year after Al Unser, Jr. won his third Indy 500. What about the Unsers? In all, Al Jr., Al Sr. and Bobby won nine Indy 500s worth $4,636,130. If they invested it all a ten percent and lived on other revenues...hmmmm. Remember Bobby's first Indy win was 42 years ago (1968) and five of the Indy winscame before 1980 when a dollar was worth something. Then there were several seconds and thirds, other races, sponsorships, play-by-play announcing, a garage business..All the purses are at http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?section=auto&id=3413222.


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