We have lived here for 3 years and have yet to take in the curious burning of Old Man Gloom...
I sense a little Albuquerquean animosity in regards to our state capital but was wondering if any Fixers have made the trek to see Zozobra fry...and if its worth the ride?
thanks for the tips/advice!

never heard of it?

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We went in 2007. Loved it. Complaints I have heard are that it is too crowded and there was some violence there a few years ago. I like crowds. We had a great time.
Zozobra and College Football. My favorite Autumn activities.
It's going to be my first time going this year! Color me excited. See you all there!
Can I walk to the site from the plaza?
It's a little bit of a hike, but yes.
I would definitely go to Zozobra at least once! It's totally worth it. And this year especially, as it's the kickoff of Santa Fe's 400th anniversary, and I'm pretty sure it's the 85th annual burning of Zozo too, so that should be pretty cool.

I'd also suggest taking your kids to the Santa Fe Pet Parade. Zozobra is Thursday and it's on Saturday, so yes that's another trip to Santa Fe, but it's also really fun and I think the kids would get a kick out of it. And you'd get a kick out of it too, and of Fiestas and the yummy food and shopping.

I made a video of Zozobra and a video of the Pet Parade two years ago--I've just posted them on my blog page here if you'd like to check them out. They'll give you a tiny flavor and maybe help you decide if you want to go or not. (I still think it's worth checking out.) :-)
Grumpy is right about Zozobra being sexed up. Not that they show the old man's "stuff", but the city of SF has put a lot of time & energy into turning the burning from a drunken brawl to a family friendly event. Awhile back there was hardly anyone there cuz of all the drunken stabbing but the police have done a great job of shutting that down. Your kids will be fine. I mean, you are their parents & know how much they can take & enjoy. You wouldn't do anything to put them in harms way. (goes without saying) Just explain about Old Man Gloom and the tradition of throwing your bad thoughts & gloom into the fire so they can go away.
Throw some of mine in there while you're at it.
remember, we burn El Kookooee (el cucui, the bogeyman) in effigy in the south valley, about October 25th at Harrison Middle School on Isleta Blvd SW - and you're all invited.
thank you! but I heard from a South Valley librarian that this year may be El Kookooee's last?!
she also said the burning takes place behind the library...is that where Harrison Middle School is located?

Is El Kookoe at Harrison Middle School or at Rio Bravo State park This year?
I wish I could say I knew. No info found on it lately, and if it were to happen it'd be this sunday. No one to ask, its not a centralized event, either. I'd post it if I found out.
I thought it was behind the South Valley library?


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