Have you downloaded and used the ABQ RIDE iPhone App? We want your feedback! Let us know what features you’d like to see added and how the app can be improved. Please comment this post with any suggestions you have that will help us make it even better. An update is expected mid-June. Thank you in advance!

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Android, android, android, android, android, android, android - it's what poorer people can afford for a smartphone

Hi, shotsie. Our Android app is being developed and should be available by the end of the summer!

I really, really like the UNM app:


Updates always make me nervous: too often the "improvements" are poor compensation for what is lost.

We really like the UNM app, too! The update for the ABQ RIDE iPhone App was mostly back-end to help take care of any slowness issues... Nothing lost! 

I know what you mean - I downloaded an "update" to the mobile version of Where's My Bus that means it no longer works on my Android phone.

Hi Phil, do you mean you can no longer access Where's My Bus from your Android browser? Not sure what happened there as that particular service was not developed by ABQ RIDE. But, if there's been a problem with it, I can check into it for you through UNM!

Correction - I was using a third-party app called "Albuquerque Where's the Bus" developed using the same source data that is available through the Play Store. When I downloaded it it purported to be developed by the same people who worked on Where's My Bus.

I wholeheartedly agree about rolling out an Android app, but would also like to comment about TXT2RIDE. What would it take to get this service providing real-time data?

Since there is a posted schedule at almost every Rapid Ride station, it seems like TXT2RIDE is just recycling information that's available at every stop anyway...that's not very useful, especially when there's a disconnect between scheduled arrival times and reality. Also, I think a lot of riders assume TXT2RIDE is real-time...if providing real-time information is too much of a challenge, there should be LARGE disclaimers posted at each station informing riders that they're receiving scheduled arrival times only. (This is unfortunately how I discovered TXT2RIDE wasn't providing real-time data: after being told no more departures were scheduled one weekday evening, I watched the 766 bus roll by me after I'd already walked 5 minutes away from the station).

Thank you for your feedback on TXT2RIDE, Phil. It is difficult, and could possibly cause more confusion and frustration, to predict the arrival times through TXT2RIDE because there are so many unforeseen circumstances (like heavy traffic, the number of wheel chairs yet to be loaded, etc) that could prevent the bus from making it to the stop at that exact time. We do make sure to mention that TXT2RIDE provides the next two scheduled arrival times for that particular bus stop when we market the service.

I understand, but find it a lot more frustrating to be told bus service is finished for the day only to watch a bus roll by me after I've left the stop. The "exact times" supplied by TXT2RIDE provide a false sense of precision, and I think from here forward I'll prefer to estimate bus arrival times from the printed schedules at each stop. Perhaps TXT2RIDE will be more useful when it expands beyond Rapid Ride to routes that don't have printed schedules at every station. 

Is it an often occurrence that the bus passes you after you've already left the stop or was it one instance in particular you are referring to? There could be several explanations as to why that happened. Regardless, I am sorry it did. The intent of our TXT2RIDE service is to make riding the bus an easier experience and I'm sorry it hasn't done that for you. We are working to expand it to all routes as I type this! It will hopefully be available citywide by the end of the year. 

Like busboy mentioned in a previous comment, http://wmb.unm.edu/ is a wonderful tool for real-time data and can be accessed from any mobile browser.

Thank you again for your feedback!


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