There are several comments about the proposed BRT (or ART -- Albuquerque Rapid Transit) plan here on Duke City Fix in response to: Why or why not? 

There is also a Cato Institute response to the plan which appeared in the Journal and can be viewed here: Albuquerque Doesn’t Need Bus-Rapid Transit System

Add to these the Rio Grande Foundation's Albuquerque BRT system could worsen mobility in Central corridor.

There may be some ideological biases at play here, but that doesn't mean the concerns aren't valid.  I'm wondering if ABQ RIDE or city planners will offer a rebuttal.  

Personally, I agree with these sentiments from once banned twice shy:  "I would far prefer that the city try to use that money to expand bus service and connections--if you have a vital bus system, people will use it.  There are too many gaps in the bus service."  

However, I'm pretty sure that money is specifically for BRT projects.  Perhaps ABQ RIDE or city planners could clarify that? 


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