I need one that is very savvy about medication in general. Not necessary for them to be that knowledgeable about CFS or FMS.
Also if anyone knows of a therapists that may like to recommend, I would appreciate it

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Yes that would be great. Thanks How do you send it privately? I not good at navigating around on DCF. Still discovering things I never knew were there.
I just thought of something. You have to join to reply to me, right? Would it have been better for me to have posted this question on the general discussions page. I might get a bigger response, if one does not have to join a group they may not need to join.
Is my info correct on this or do I have it ass backwards?
I am also interested in this info about the Integrative Medicine Clinic. Do they use Western therapies? Are they covered by insurance? I will add as a friend so you can comment directly to me.
My therapist is Donna Bruzzese and she is brilliant, 246-9096

My psychiatrist is Reuben Sutter, MD and I highly recommend him, 884-1114
Thank you very much Laura
Laura Have not seen you here for a while. I wanted to ask you a few questions about Dr Sutter if thats ok.
dolores - Do you still have questions about Dr. Sutter?
Hi Laura hope you are ok as we dont see you often here. Just curious about his sharpness with meds. I have noticed some psychiatrists are switching to only doing therapy, as they are on some anti drug kick. They should have become psychologist and saved themselves a lot of extra schooling. So I need the kind of shrink that is brilliant with meds. My energy level has started decreasing after increasing a year ago when they found out my d3 was so low. I will be getting that checked soon, but also need my other meds tweaked I think???
I don't know if he is brilliant with meds - I liked him because he was really nice, super easy to talk while also coming across as very intelligent. So it was more the human quality that I liked. I only take Zoloft so he didn't really have to do much in that regard.
Dr. Willheimina Tengo
6747 Academy

I wish I had seen this sooner - haven't been completely checking out the page -
she is excellent - very very knowledgeable about meds - and links self medication to problems - so if you do or have in the past self - medicated with anything - be sure to let her or anyone know that - she's a very nice person along with being very sharp.
She helped me - not that I'm cured - but it helped.
I highly recommend this lady.

Therapists - not sure of any
Dolores, I have been going to Dr. Kenneth Bull for about 2 years and find him to be exceptionally knowledgeable about meds. If it means anything, he was rated number one psych in AlbuquerquetheMagazine for the last two years. He is on the corner of Carlisle and Comanche. Let me know if you want his info. He also has 4 therapists in his office.
Thank you Anna for your input and experiences with Dr Bull. He was also on my list. I did see him in that article now that I think about it. I used to have a wonderful shrink that was at UNM Dr Ulenhuth ......he was ancient and looked just like Orvelle Redinbacher complete with bow tie, but man he was one sharp cookie with meds. He was also very careful, and checked with me often whenever I was put on a new med. Smart, attentive,caring. Thats the winning combo for any doc in my opinion. They are also few and far bbetween unfortunately. But it sounds like you and Laura are very satisfied with your docs.


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