Has anyone unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with CFS discovered improvement in symptoms by treating low thyroid?  I'm aware that clinical presentation of hypo symptoms can persist despite lab numbers for TSH, free T3 and free T4 being in the "normal range."  

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Yes I believe it is hypothyroidism caused by Hashimotos.I am now being treated for Hashimotos with amazing results and have had cfs for years.the hashitomotos does not often test positive in blood tests.It's ashame but true.I would bet my life that CFS is undiagnosed Hashimotos.

I also enjoy stopthethyroidmadness.com. Good information and case studies. I agree that improperly diagnosed low thyroid is a huge problem.
Thanks for the comment. Recently my anti-TPO antibodies tested normal, but my thyroid hormone levels keep dropping. Should I ask for some other testing? I've gotten some relief over the past two years from adrenal glandular support and improved sleep and nutrition. Still battling profound fatigue, depression and poor immunity, despite dozens of interventions. Any other suggestions for me?


Yes you have to find a doctor who will treat the hashimotos even though the blood tests come up normal.I had profound cfs for over 15years and once I started treating the hashimotos my life changed.Read the symptoms of Hashimotos and understand it often does not test out it the antibodies test.Here is what I am doing even though I do not test positive for it:

for immune support

low dose naltrexone.............. you need a doc to prescribe it

transfer factor plus.patented immune support you can buy on line

I also take T3 AND T4(levothyroxine)

Read up on Hashimotos symptoms, you will not have all but you will have some.I have when active"

extreme fatigue

tender joints

painful toes

let me know once you have read up on the symptoms.I can recommend a few doctors for you.

Oh and most profound sypmtom is the front of my neck where the thyroid is is SORE to the touch,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that's HASHIMOTOS!


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