I have two hens, Bells and Blue, that need need rehoming. They are black Australorp and are about 2 1/2 years old. They are great layers (about 1 egg a day per hen but sometimes 2!). They would be a great starter flock, so if you or you know anyone who would like to start with tame hens please pass this info along. They are very sweet- not quite as tame as wanting to climb in your lap (like some of our others) but they don't mind being petted. They are very used to small children and will not peck at them even when tail feathers are pulled and will put up with being picked up and carried around by little ones. They have been a wonderful part of our backyard flock- who are very much pets. However, we have been making some changes to our coops (combining 2 into 1) and Bells and Blue are no longer getting along with the other 5 chickens in the flock. While it makes us really sad to rehome them we need to consolidate our coops and the children in our family cannot handle watching our dear pets attacking each other. 

I realize that many have chickens for the duel purpose of meat and eggs but we would really rather have the hens new family be willing to treat them as useful pets and not meat. 

Thank you!


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Would they get along with silkies?  Silkies are so cute, but their eggs aren't very filling.  I'd like to add a pair of good layers to the flock if you think they'd get along... are they the ones starting fights, or are the ones being picked on?  I don't eat the meat, just the eggs.

They were the ones starting the fights....they are the dominant ones or alphas or whatever chickens are called. I have no idea how they would treat silkies. They weren't picking on our older bantam, just the standard hens. Our other standard hens are our super friendly, jump in your lap, come when called hens- so we hated seeing them fight with each other. Since separating the hens we have added silkies but Bells and Blue haven't had any contact with them. My guess is that in a new flock they would adjust well....BUT saying all that, I would hate for your silkies to get hurt. I know how much I adore my silly silkies. I wish I could give you a definite "yes" or "no" but I am just not sure. 

PS the hens they do lay wonderfully large eggs. Sometimes they don't even fit in our egg cartons! They would make a nice change from the tiny bantam eggs :) 

I couldn't risk them picking on the tiny silkies, I will pass and keep looking for large egg layers.  I believe that Trevor was 2nd to reply.  :)
I cannot blame you! I wouldn't want them to do that either! Good luck finding some big egg layers...maybe try getting some younger pullets so that they will grow up with the silkies :)
I'll be a third option. I've got three hens about the same age and I think they'd fit in great over here. Call me and I can come get them anytime. 453-4353.

Make me option 4.  I have 5 Australorps that should be laying but aren't yet, either not ready or it's to hot...not sure.  331-8747



Steph, if the Australorps get my girls laying then I'll bring either them or some of my others over and see if they can get yours laying too.  I've heard cold/winter daylight hours affect egg production, but does the heat?  If that's the case then perhaps I'll get a mister system too.  My girls love to hang out by the faucet so when we water the garden, the leak keeps the ground cool. 

Either way, my kids need to learn how to be around chickens, and the ones I have won't even let them close.  These Australorps sound like a great teaching opportunity.  Thanks Brittany for offering them!

If I don't answer my phone, you can call my wife, LeAnn, at 602-919-4602.  If you'd like, we'll come by and get them either today (Friday) or this weekend.  Thanks again.


Hello Trevor,

I will give you or your wife a call tomorrow(I don't want to call tonight in case its too late)! Sorry I did not respond until now, I just got on my computer and saw all the messages. If you want to come by tomorrow (Saturday) that would be more than fine with me and my family. My number is: 505 980 9517 

PS Oh and yes, I have noticed that the heat does slow down production of egg laying- it seems like once it hits mid 90s they just don't want to lay as much- and who can blame them! Also, I have noticed that when one of my hens goes broody the rest seem to not lay as much.  


My girls don't have their full combs and watles yet so maybe they are to young to lay. I think the move to their new home, age and heat may have their hormones all messed up. I understand they had started laying right before I bought them. If you decide to give up one of your Barred Rock let me know. I little girl wants a "spotted" chicken.
Steph, I know that when my chickens have had a move they stop laying for a bit and plus when its hot they don't lay as well as they usually do....I am sure your girls will start to lay again once they settle in a bit more and once they cool down a little :) Good luck!

I would like to add 2 more to my fleet of 6... but could have the same issues with aggression. My 6 get along BEAUTIFULLY now, and have had their eggs tested to be salmonella free, so Im a little concerned about upsetting the ballance. It might not be the right time for me, or perhaps I could visit your coops and observe, we could talk about it?

you can Email me directly at ABQhomeswithchris@gmail.com



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