Good day all, does anyone know where I can buy or how I can make, a chicken plucker inexpensively?  Thanks.

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 I've been wondering how this works on chickens. Drill plucker



I love it!  If I can convince my wife to let me pluck instead of skin the bird perhaps I'll order this.  Any good arguments for keeping the skin on?  Is the meat really juicier?
Do you have a lot of chickens that need plucking? Because the best pluckers for a small batch are your hands. I have to admit that there are few things worse than killing and dressing a big group of chickens. We did in 200 + - one weekend. Lucky for us our local nuns (yes, nuns!) were from North Dakota and all former farm girls and they knew how to deal with a bunch of freezer bound cluckers. It went: chop (heads), dunk (in soapy warm water), pluck (birds hanging on a clothes line for easy reach), gut, wash, wash/salt water and then chop into parts. They had saved milk cartons, and the various parts went into different labeled cartons and topped with icy water. And then into the freezer. One important thing to remember is this: we had a few too many chickens soaking in the salt water, so I put the over flow into a freshly scrubbed bath tub and added salt. My error was forgetting they were there when my sister from out of town unexpected ran into the house to use the bathroom. What a zombie quality scream she let out! It does really cure people of stopping by without calling first, however..........
HA HA, I love it!!  We'll only do a chicken every so often, I would just like to do it as quickly and easily as possible.  My wife has asked that I just skin them since she doesn't like the skin anyways, but I like the skin!  Of course, I haven't had it for a while since she has always bought boneless/skinless from the store.
One more thing on chicken harvesting: read the true story of Mike the Headless Chicken from Colorado! Make a good clean cut or well, just Google Mike etc and read the story. They even have a great little festival in Fruita to celebrate his "choppy" life style!
Wow, quite the chicken!  I don't use an axe though.

There is the wiz bang chicken plucker that is amazing.  Also we use cones to do the deed.  It is so much more humane as humane as this sort of thing is. You can find plans on line by googling the wiz bang chicken plucker.  You will find also that you can buy one already put together.

Dianne Valdez


we got to see said wiz bang plucker in action this weekend.... I have to say I am ABSOLUTELY impressed.   It is much thriftier to make one yourself.... but you can purchase one that is ready to plug in and go.  


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