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Hey folks...

I just joined and I'm already goofing up!  Apologies!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of Rainbow Pet Care, a pet sitting service, run by a woman named Gail?  She looked after my chickens whilst I was on vacation a year or so ago and I can't find her phone number anywhere.  She was an excellent pet sitter for the chickens--having a flock of her own--and she was great with gardening too.  I'm hoping I can locate her again.  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks much,


And Carol Hammack...a member on this list.  In fact, I need to contact her.  She, too, has her own flock and has great advice to boot.

thank you for the replies!!  i've had a series of pet sitters recently and really need someone who understands the particularities of chickens.


Hi Shelly,

Not sure about Gail but I know of a local sitter with chicken and garden experience.  Felicia of Felicia's Furry Friends.  Her number is 505.328.4443.  She is a vet-tech with ton's of experience.



I used Felicia's Furry Friends for my chickens, garden, other birds, etc. I was very displeased with her service and would recommend against using her. My pets and plants were grossly neglected. I don't mean to be negative but you ought to be informed.

Jennifer H. I do believe you have me mistaken for some one else! Please get your facts straight before spreading rumors, and lies, and trying to ruin someones business/livelihood. This is a very Rude, & untrue comment about me and I am very shocked and upset by it!  I don't know who you think you are, and don't know why you would put such a horrible thing about me on a public form, what a mean person you are, You don't even know me!!!  I would NEVER EVER EVER neglect ANY animal or plant ever! I love and care about all animals, I am an animal advocate and very involved in the rescue community, i am a avid gardener/ homesteader/ chicken keeper, who loves to help people and animals (ask any body who actually knows me!)  I treat all my clients animals, (and plants), as if they were my own.  I have never had any body have anything bad to say about my services ever! If there ever was anything not up to par I would expect my clients to come to ME IMMEDIATELY upon arriving home to discuss any issues they may have.  Fortunately I have wonderful clients who continue to use my services on a regular basis. #Getalife#


gosh, sorry to hear you were disappointed... but thanks for the reply nonetheless.  this is truly becoming quite a problem.  not that chickens need that much care and attention, but i don't have neighbors i'd ask to look after things and don't want to burden friends... so i'm quite at a loss!!  the last person i had over was very nice but she couldn't seem to deal with the water bucket and left my veggies to wilt!  anyway, thanks again for the help.

Also, Gloria suggested Carol Hammack.  Are you out there Carol?



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