I have quickly acquired more chickens than we can keep. I am looking to re-home some of them. They were all bought as sexed pullets. I would like to give away: 2 Speckled Sussex (almost 4 wks old), 2 Welsummers (4 days old) & possibly 1 Cream Brabanter and/or 1 Easter Egger (4 days old)

If you or anyone you know of is interested in these, please let me know.

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Hi Jen,
I would be happy to offer the welsummers or any of the chicks a good home. & am happy to trade any of our farm produce for your contribution.

Thanks, Jen
Hello! We are interested! We have 7 hens at our summer camp but nearly half are starting to slow down their egg production and they are a big part of our organic farm. Please see www.cottonwoodgulch.org and http://landshipfoods.blogspot.com/ to learn more. Thanks for your consideration -- Mike
How about the 2 Welsummers to Jen & the 2 Speckled Sussex to Mike? If one of you wants an Easter Egger, you can have 1.

The Cream Brabanter is more of a fancy chicken with a crest similar to a Polish. They may not really be what you want on your working farms.

I sent you each a friend request so we can work out the details privately. I had no idea I would get a response this quickly!
Jen, If there are any left from these transactions, I would be interested. Thanks, Constance
Hi Jen,

Is the Cream Brabanter still available? I think she'd make a nice addition to our small backyard flock.

Thanks ~ Pat
Hi Jen,
My neighbor has build a coop and would love some hens if there are any available, this would be a great home for them. Also, Mike, why are your hens slowing down in their egg production?

hello. I'm in ABQ tonight and tomorrow and can pick up the chicks if they are still available. Most of our hens have stopped laying because they are getting old.

Hi Mike,

I am accused of running a retirement home for my old hens as I still have old hens that are like pets to me and just keep adding to the family (flock) a few new hens every year so I don't have a chance to notice who is laying and who isn't.


I too run a Home for Menopausal Chickens.... but you can tell who is laying and who isn't...just pull on your latex gloves and measure the space between their pelvic bones right at the vent. If it is two fingers wide or so---big enough for an egg---they are still laying. If it is smaller, it means the hen is no longer productive; chicken menopause, I guess. Janet
If any of these are still available I would love to take one or two off your hands.


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