Hi, I'd love several fertilized eggs as I've a hen gone "broody" and thot this could be a good way to increase my little flock. Please msg. or call me (249-4445) with the availability and price. Thank you! Hope to see everyone at the Coop Tour this weekend!

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Hi CC-
We have fertile eggs that we can give you. I can't guarantee them but we put 10 under one of our hens. 4 of them hatched. Our rooster is a Houdan and the hens range from RIR and Auracana. I live in Los Lunas and will be in Albuquerque on Friday. Let me know and we can arrange to meet somewhere. We have 4 pullets that hatched back on May 9th. If you are interested please let me know.

Eric Peterson
505-227-5864 cell

Eric, Thank you so much for your kind offer of fertilized eggs! And yes, I most definitely do want to meet you on Friday and pick them up.

How much are your pullets? I have 4 ladies, but 2 stopped laying 3 months ago, and now 1 is sitting on the nest all day. So, this seemed a perfect opportunity to add to the flock. Thank you again for this!

I tried your # twice and it said the no. was chg'd. So here is mine: 249-4445. Please call so we can meet. I am a massage therapist and I do have 3 appts. that day. So...no to be difficult, but here are my open times: before 9:30. between 11:30 and 12:30, between 2:30 and 3:30,then after 5:30. I do live near Eubank and I40 and if I have time, I'll meet you anywhere you need. Just let me know where/when you want.

Thank you again!


Hi, I saw your post and thought I'd let you know that the same thing happened to me -- one of my 3 hens went broody, and one of the others stopped laying because of it.  I discovered that Wilbur's Farm (south of Belen) sells fertile eggs by the breed, but it's been almost two weeks and I still have not heard from them about when they will be available. I also found out that Quality Baits on Isleta Blvd (ABQ) will have one-day old Orpington chicks this Friday (18th). I researched putting chicks under broody hens and apparently, it can be done successfully just so the chicks aren't too old (1-2 days). I wanted Orpingtons in particular so I may go with this option if Wilbur's doesn't come through with my eggs sooner than later.

Good luck either way!


Thank you, Laura! I appreciate the info. I am familiar w/Quality Baits and will call them if Eric's eggs don't hatch. This is exciting and fun for me!

I like Orpingtons also - my one current layer is a beautiful buff/orange colored one I call Flan.

Take good care,


Hi Cari-
Sorry I didn't get back to you. I got busy and time got away from me. I will try again tomorrow. I've set aside a dozen eggs. It seems about half of them will hatch. We will be up in the UNM hospital area Friday but when we talk we can narrow down where is best. Look forwRd to talking tomorrow.

Best regards

Good Morning! So happy to hear from you! I look forward to talking and meeting you - and taking care of adorable new chicks!

Be well,


Here are a couple pics of the rooster and hens


Thank you for the fun pics. I am curious about the yellow 'blinders' some of the hens have - is that to keep them from pecking other hens? Was it difficult to put them on? I do have one hen that gets aggressive and I put her in a separate pen area.

Looking forward to getting chick eggs tomorrow. Thank you again.


Hi C?C.-
Just wanted to check on the fertilized eggs you put under your hens. It is day 21 today. Hopefully they will start to hatch. Our eggs hatched eggsactly 21 days after we put them under our hem. The eggs sat about 5 days before we put them under our hen. Your eggs were over 2 days to get a full dozen. Let me know.

Hi, thanks for inquiring - I was planning on letting you know what happens...however, as of now, day 22, no eggs have hatched...sigh.

I have 6 under Peepers and 6 in a homemade incubator. (with light, water, etc.. did a search on how)

I am getting concerned about Peepers, she has been sitting on the nest for almost 4 weeks (as she went broody first, then I thot of putting eggs under her). Do you have any suggestions? She gets up about once a day and eats, and I keep water near her at the nest.

Well, maybe later today ... I hope!

Happy weekend to you both!


Hi. No suggestions. Just a little patience. Did you put the eggs under Peeps the day you got them? We can give you more if you want. The heat and rain has slowed our best layers. I think Spring is the best time for chicks. If you don't get chicks the other possible solution is to use golf balls. Hopefully the hen realizes that they are duds and gives up. We have a hen that's been Brody for 3 months. After the eggs hatch it may be a few months before she starts laying again. Let us know and you can always call.

Here is hoping for chicks,


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