I just brought a beautiful chicken home to join my flock of three. Here I was sitting in the yard holding and petting her, welcoming her to her new home and, low and behold, what do my unhappy eyes then spy but fleas all over her face! What do you think I did? What would you do? Yes, I googled "chicken fleas" (I love Google). I found out that they are stick fast fleas, they burrow their tiny heads under the skin around the eyes and wattle and lay their tiny eggs in the swollen skin. Poor chicken! And lucky me, the first google search lead me to coating the little buggers with olive oil. After doing this and confining her to her new quarantine home, I searched again. I found allot of suggestions for using sevens dust and dog and cat flea and tick chemicals (no way am I going to go out and buy poison- I'd just as soon give her back). Then this one simple suggestion stood out to me. The person said that the talcum in baby powder kills the fleas. Yes I will try this, I have big bottles of unused baby powder hiding under my counter somewhere. So, after all my hard searching, why am I adding this discussion here on Duck City Fix? Because all of those googled suggestions are from folks living on the east coast, and seeing that we all live here in the Burque, I wanted to hear from anyone here who might have the know how or might benefit from the bringing up of such unhappy pest problems.

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I think the oil is working, this is the 2nd, 3rd? day and the fleas have lost all luster, they have gone from bulbous shiny brown to dull lifeless black. The chicken is growing more comfortable with the odd treatment as I have been doing it twice a day. She has yet to touch her baby powder sand bath, though she has continued bathing in some dirt somewhere as evidenced by the dirty coating sticking to the oil on her face. Can't wait for her eggs, yummy!
Thanks for posting your experience, Jodi. I'm glad to hear the oil is working. Another thought is a DE (diatomaceous earth) dust bath (the DE must be food grade, not pool or industrial grade). DE is a desiccant.

Do you know if these are cross-species fleas? My neighbors warned me about fleas being a problem when we moved here, but so far I haven't experienced them, and fingers crossed, the chickens, goats, dogs and cats aren't scratching.
Hi Jodi,

I was wondering where you got your chicken? A friend of mine recently bought 3 chickens from a guy and within a month they were infested and one unfortunately passed away and her cat was also infested. She also buys her straw from the gentleman who sold the chickens and the vet said it could have been in the straw or on the chickens. I am wondering if you bought it from the same person and that this person maybe has an infestation problem and he may be spreading the fleas instead of taking care of it at the source (his business). Just be very careful because the vet said they are not extremely rare but that she has seen more cases of this than there should be. Good luck with your new chicken she seems to be doing great! Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks.
Stick Tight Fleas will get on your dogs and cats. And using powder Sevin does work. Been there done that.
well, took me a while to respond... yes, the fleas did transfer to my kitten but the problem was solved by picking them as fast as i saw them. Other than that the fleas were gone in less than two weeks. I have noticed that fleas and ticks are more severe and persistent the closer you are to the valley. The moisture must play the role. I got the infested chicken at a sweet little bait shop/ pond supply/ chicken and duck store down on Isleta. Other than getting the fleas there, i really liked the place.
I searched out this post because someone else I know has the sticktight fleas and also bought her chickens from Quality Baits. One of her chickens ended up dying from the fleas. Were you able to get rid of your flea problem in the end without Sevin?
I know this is an old discussion. But, I live around the North Valley, we use a non toxic chemical Natures Defender PCO Choice Cedar oil concentrate around our house. Apparently many pest bugs dislike the smell. We mix the concentrate and spray it around our house. If we're having guest over, I spray the area and it keeps mosquitos away. It smells nice too.

"PCO Choice is effective for control of Mosquito, Flea, Tick, Fly, Chigger, No-See-Um, Mite, Moth's, Bed Bug, Japanese Beetles, Scorpion, Carpet Beetles, Ants, Mole Crickets,Termites, Box Elder Bugs, Silver Fish, Roaches, Palmetto Bugs, Lice, Army and Web Worms and numerous other Non-Beneficial Insects. PCO CHOICE provides the ultimate in control of Grubs when applied to turf areas such as sod farms or golf courses experiencing subterranean infestations resulting in damage to the sod. The Cedar Oil and Ethyl Lactate formulation dissolves the insect egg and larvae eliminating the Next Generation of arthropod, while the aromas of Cedar create a barrier of entry making the treated area off limits to any flying or crawling pest.

I got mine from the Desert Green Pest Management, Eric Erickson, here in ABQ - 505.688.0975. He's great, a natural, non toxic bug control. He told me recently that it's also available at Bow Wow Blues. There is also a version called Natures Defense Personal Protection, for putting on yourself and animals. I spray this on my dogs and cats 1x a month, or if they get something, 1x a week. I also use it on myself. My guess is that it would be good on Chickens for the different mites or fleas they can get.



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