I guess I'm looking for a couple regular size chickens or several bantams. I'm very new at this, but Janet (who we bought the coop from) said that's what would fit in the coop. So, where can i find chickens? I think silkies and frizzles are awesome looking, and we definitely don't want a rooster, but that's about all i know. Any advice/help?


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We just got four nice young laying hens at Quality Bait on Isleta Blvd.
Where did you get your coop?
I got it from a lady on Craigslist and here. i can't remember her name right now...
If you are looking for some good hens try and get Buff Orpingtons. Big beautiful brown chickens that don't make a lot of noise or get very excited. Big brown egg layers and friendly as all get out.

good tempered and mellow birds

I have raised many and like them the most.


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