2 of my girls are sick.  I read lots of the online forums for advise.  Many of which advertise drugs I can not get here in Albuquerque.  I love my pet chickens.  NEED An EXCELLENT VET!  Know of one?  Please post.

Local fecal testing for worms would also be useful.

2 ladies (probably) have gape worm plus possible secondary bacteral infection.


Free ranging, but originally from infested SB place.  Love them LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very adorble.

very cute and sweet!!! 

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i don't know if he see chickens, but we have used dr. jim fallen from the north valley in the past.  we love him.  when we once came home and found our goats and llamas had accidentally gotten into the grain, he and his wife came out to the mountains in the middle of the night on the weekend and spent a good part of the night treating them...and only charged us $300.  when it was time to put my old, well-loved border collie, ivy, to sleep, he and his wife came to my house ON THIER ANNIVERSARY before they went out.  they put ivy to sleep under a shady tree in our yard instead of having us haul her into his office in her last moments.  i am so thankful for what a wonderful vet he is and i always try to recommend him whenever i get a chance.  here is his contact information- dr. jim fallen, dmv,  9300 Guadalupe Trl, Albuquerque, 897.3787
Thanks, I called.  He doesn't work on chickens.

I don't know of a vet, sorry. but...if you're desperate...frequently you can substitute one antibiotic variety for another. And IIRC, our local western mercantile on rio bravo & broadway carries antibiotics. Most farm supply places will. But always call to check.


I'm curious what is an "infested SB place" ?


Thanks and good luck with your birds. It's hard to lose our sweet girls!

A friend of mine went to the feed store and bought a small tube of Ivermectin (?) and treated her hens with this and it worked.  She just got a very small amount on a Q tip and put it down their throats a ways.  I hope this works but I would do more research first.


Dr. Dan Levenson of Southwest Veterninary....890 8810 is our vet and while he does small animals, I know he also treats exotics...don't know if chickens are included, but I am pretty sure he does parrots and cockatoos, etc. Good luck! Janet
If they have intestinal problems (worms), have you tried feeding them food-grade diatomaceous earth? That might be a place to start..


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