Went out to collect eggs and normally I have two to three beautiful med sized eggs; but today I got a surprise! Attached are a few photos of my surprise. I couldn't pin them to the discussion so their attached. Does
anyone know why I would have such a small egg. The last bigger egg I got had two yolks in it and I suspect that this one does too. But the tiny one intrigues me!

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We get that occasionally too. She'll probably be back to normal tomorrow.
We get them occasionally too, and they usually just have the white (no yolk).
There is a quail in your coop!  :)

We have been getting nanoeggs too for about a week from our Barr Rock.  She had been very steady for about one and a half years, then she stopped laying suddenly when another hen got broody. About a week ago she started the nanoegg cycle. If we don't braille around in the nest we can easily miss them under a wood chip.  Today it was slightly larger.  


We have hypothesized that the water supply was insufficient for the level of heat, so we have added extra water around the yard, and freshen it a couple of times a day.  


We have not opened any of the nanoeggs yet, because we are also intrigued.  Besides, it is going to take about a dozen naonoeggs to make one regular egg.

last year our girls were one year olds and we got little eggs every now and then. I blamed them on the little black hen. My kids fought over who would get to eat them. what fun! an egg with no yolk!? it is (almost) every kid's dream! she hasn't laid any this year.

I did some more research and come to find out that the tiny egg isn't all that rare (for first timer hens expecially barred rocks, which i have).  Its called a fart egg, lol! I cracked it open and it had what looked like a yolk but it was white. We didn't eat it but I thought it was super cool! I got another two yolk egg again this morning. Go figure! I'll keep an I for the tiny ones and post more pics if I get any. Thanks everyone for your posts it was super cool to read all your experiences and posts! Adios! Untill next time!


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