I suspect I'm not the only person who owns a Keurig machine. Mine came my way as a "gift", little did I know it is like owning a horse. The benefit is quickly offset by a cost of operating expenses. My biggest complaint is the "weak", in my opinion, coffee the bare machine produces. I invested in a My K-Kup in hopes that besides the cost reduction I would get a better brew. Alas that was not the case. I don't like "dark" ( read burned ) coffee as a solution ... I'm NOT a Starbucks fan if you get my drift. Dunkin Donuts Arabiaca bean coffee is my preferential choice but brewed on the strong side. 8 O'clock Regular or Columbian ( Winner Of America's Test Kitchen Tasting ) is a close second.

The old proverb of " Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" applies here so my goal was to make the best of the situation and find a solution. If I had read the reviews of the Keurig, and most other single cup  brew machines, I probably would not have bought one.

The goal became how to overcome Keurig's poor engineering and high cost of operation. The following is my suggested solution.


Kuring Keurig Weak Coffee:  2¢ Solution For My K-Kup


Do you own a Keurig coffee maker and My K-Kup? Are you unhappy with the weak coffee it produces and the expense and environmental cost of the prefilled K-Cups? The Keurig in general and the Keurig My K-Kup has been criticized for producing weak coffee as well and the mesh basket clogging.

This is a simple solution to weak coffee using the My-K-Kup accessory.

Obtain some Pure Brew ,Brewrite, or Melita premium coffee filters, the 8-10 cup basket type filter. The thinner the paper the better.

This works for preground off the self coffee such as 8 O'Clock Columbian (America’s Test Kitchen Winner). You do not want to use coffee that is finely ground, drip grind works best.

Place the filter in a small cup (about the size of a regular Pyrex glass muffin cup) pressing the filter into the shape of the cup. Try to keep the creases evenly distributed. (You can preload a bunch of these and keep them in a sealed container with banker's clips)

Put one quarter cup plus one teaspoon of coffee into the filter. Do not overfill!

Pull the top of the filter together and remove it from the cup. Shape it so the bottom of the filter will fit into the My K-Kup screen basket and stick above the K-Kup unit. Do this with the screen in the K-Kup unit. Gently press the filter and coffee into the screen unit until the level of the coffee is even with the top of the K-Kup unit.

Snip off the top of the filter extending above the K-Kup with a pair of sharp 8" scissors similar to Fiskers leaving about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of filter above the unit.

Fold the edges of the cut filter into the interior sides of the screen unit so none are protruding on to the contact area of the cover. Open the area in the center of the filter so the coffee is exposed. Be sure there are no coffee flakes on the bottom contact area of the cover or top of the My K-Cup. When the cover is placed on the unit, the fins surrounding the opening should extend into the coffee.

Place the unit as usual in the Keurig. We have found running a Keurig B60 though two cycles of the smallest brew quantity gives satisfactory results. ( after the first brew cycle lift the handle only slightly to reset the brew cycle, do not open it all the way. ) Running the middle setting results in a somewhat weaker brew, this may be satisfactory for some drinkers.

After brewing remove the filter and expended coffee. Sometimes you will need to gently squeeze the sides of the screen unit to loosen the filter and coffee. The filter containing the expended coffee should drop out. Sometimes grabbing an edge of the filter and pulling will dislodge it. Rinse out the screen and My K-Kup unit. Far quicker and cleaner than rinsing a bare My K-Kup filter basket unit.

The paper filter retards the water flow enough to produce adequate brewing of the coffee. Two separate cycles also allows the grounds to be "steeped" over a longer period of time. The filter helps prevent clogging of the fine screen. There is no sludge because the paper filter fills the screen unit entirely.

The only problem we have encountered is when the coffee is too fine and may cause enough back pressure to trip the machine's pump shutoff, You may encounter this from grounds at the bottom of a preground bag or if you grind your own too finely or have allot of dust in your grounds.

It will take a bit of experimentation to find the right amount of coffee to place in the filter to suit your taste.

The economics and time savings ( cleaning the basket ) are worth it aside from a better tasting cup over the My K-Kup alone. Biodegradable paper is better than "plastic" K-Kups for the environment.


Assume filters cost  2 cents each, coffee is 30 cents per shot, and you get 500 uses of the My K Kup filter screen ( $15 / 500 = 3 cents ) for a total of 35 cents per cup compared with 64 cents for a prefilled K-Kup.

The only other system that is similar is the Perfect Pod EZ Cup where filter costs are around 12 cents per shot, 10 cents more per cup. I have tried this system and it produces a weaker brew in my experience and no more convenient than this method. The EZ Cup is about the same price as the Keurig My K-Kup.

We have not tried the Solofill Cup system. The downside would be the cleaning and potential clogging of the mesh filter. Without resorting to "oven cleaner", the mesh on any filter is nearly impossible to clean once clogged. The smaller area of the screen mesh (assuming it is the same gauge) may produce the same resistance as a paper filter. Amazon reviews are mixed and point out the concerns about the mesh getting clogged and leaking grounds.

If you already have a Keurig and My K-Kup, and a pair of scissors; the cost of the experiment is minimal, the cost of a bag of filters.

Materials Needed:

Keurig Coffee Maker

8” Fiskers type scisors

8-10 size cup thin basket type coffee filters ( Melita Ultra Premium, Brewrite, Pure Brew )

Pre-ground drip coffee

Keurig My K-Kup accessory

Small cup ( Pyrex Muffin Baking Cup size )







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Without a doubt this is late. However for the best single cup of coffee the areopress . Runs about $25 and creates a wonderful cup. You can do a search around the internet if you are interested. You will find very little if any negative about the cup it produces. On the homepage of the device it is described as a espresso maker in some text. This is wrong it is a coffee maker. What you can do is make coffee as strong or weak as your taste dictates.  Best of luck

I found that Newman's Own Extra Bold Organic K-Cup give a decent, strong cup.  I'm too lazy to follow your directions!


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