Imported Pistachios (i really don't care for the big California grown). Is there a local mid east grocer or import shop?

Is there anything you have a hankering for but can't find?

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I don't know for sure, but Talin comes to mind. There are also a few small ethnic/regional markets around town.
Google albuquerque persian market for another.

I bet there are more.

Good luck!
I would try two middle eastern markets: Cafe Istanbul on Wyoming at Constitution, and Ariana Halal Market on San Mateo just north of Copper.
I've scoured the town for stoneground grits, and can't find them anywhere. Not instant grits, mind you, I only feed those to the dogs. Meanwhile, I've been asking friends in Kentucky to mail me proper stoneground grits, at woeful expense!
Thank you! Haven't seen them at Talin, will try your suggestions. I will also follow up.
I would suspect Cafe Istanbul (Wyoming and Constitution) would have them, they have the best selection of imported nuts/grains/candies/cakes i have seen in town.
There is also locally grown pistachios as well:
You really don't need imported ones. NM has one of the largest producers of Pistachios in southern NM at Tularosa. Heart of the Desert is the's worth the trip to see how they are grown and the "fokelore" surrounding the Pistachio tree itself. They have a gift shop with all things made from pistachios. Some of their products are available locally in some stores and in Kellers Farm Store on Eubank.


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