I recently quit my full time admin assistant job to try out teaching yoga full time and not just part time. So far so good =) I'm teaching 3 classes a day from morning, afternoon and two evening classes. I've only been teaching full time for 3 weeks now and I've come to realize what a huge difference the time of day you practice makes.

I never had much time to practice in the early mornings and would do most of my practice in the evenings afterwork. Now I'm up doing yoga three days a week at 6:30am! I've found that I really do enjoy it, no matter how badly I would LOVE to just roll over when the alarm clock goes off. I love the quite of the morning, the sounds of downtown ABQ waking up, and watching the sun raise up over the mountains as I swan dive forward into a deep bow to the sun.

So my question to you is.... When do you practice?? Early morning? A quick thirty minute practice during lunch?? Or a nice relaxing practice after work?

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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I like the period to practice yoga and meditation right when I get up, before I fill myself with caffiene. My brain isn't quite awake and it is easier to sustain that sense of calm. What I am looking for is a practice for the evening that helps to release tension instead of raising my energy level. Any suggestions?
I usually practice in the evenings. I find it most beneficial before I got to bed or after work. Sometimes Ill do a little when I wake up, but I am far too uncoordinated first thing in the morning to do anything other than some basic stretches... otherwise Im likely to put my head through the tv.
In some of the yogic texts is states that your practice should be done between 4-6. In the am you practice your pranayama, jappa and meditation as well as any other practices (agni hotra, sandya vandan, etc). In the evening between 4 and 6 you do your asana practice. The body is warmed up so that the movement is easier and injury is less likely.
Maya ~ Thank you for your response! Now that my schedule has changed I have been practicing more meditation and breathing in the mornings and asana in the evening. What yogic texts are you referring to?


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