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The purpose of this Club is to promote fellowship and understanding among men and women engaged in journalism and its allied fields; to sponsor such cultural, educational and social activities as may promote good fellowship and professional growth among members; and to extend reciprocity to similar clubs in other parts of the nation and world.

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Comment by jasonwolf on July 16, 2008 at 1:37am
The Old Main Fest kicked some ass... and I was there!
Comment by Stephanie on September 27, 2008 at 11:46am
I love the "rock band" black MySpace page. I'm not sure it's representative of the group though... unless they wear rocker Ts.
Comment by Andy on October 20, 2008 at 4:45pm
So ... I'm a local journalist. And I'm wondering if this place is worth membership? Also, can outsiders go to just check it out without being invited? Is this a good place to hang out or just a good old boys' club?
Comment by Michael R. Donohoe on May 25, 2012 at 8:43am
Comment by Michael R. Donohoe on January 5, 2013 at 8:11am

Sari Krosinsky hails from a small coastal town in New York State. “My family actually moved to New York before WWII--I think during the 1910s. The antisemitism in Poland was already pretty bad--luckily bad enough to drive my grandparents across the pond before it got even worse.” She departed New York State for Albuquerque in July of 2000. “I was originally only planning to be here for a few months, but I loved both Albuquerque and UNM too much to leave.”
Sari earned degrees from UNM in religious studies and creative writing. She writes promotional material for the university and edits an online journal of mythic poetry called Fickle Muses. Her work has appeared in Collective Fallout, Verse Daily, and The Rag, among other places. Now her first book to see publication is the poetry collection, g-d Chaser, due out from CW Books in November.
A number of the poems are brief and mysterious, leaving the reader with a wistful echo in their closing lines, such as Tourist Erosion. “I open my hands to catch the twitter of finches on a rooftop, carry it away like a stone in my pocket.”
Much of her work draws on her study of religion. Purusha’s Body Torn addresses the story of the Vedic God, Purusha, different pieces of this deity believed to make up the physical universe. To me, Sari’s contemplation of Purusha makes the deity something we human readers can relate to in terms of mortality. “Do you wonder what you’ll be/when the blinded sun wakes you/from night’s flannel cocoon? /You think it will be you.”
The Plumb Line concerns the Old Testament reference to Isaiah as “the plumb line” among his people, a plumb line being a weighted string that measures a perfect vertical line with earth’s gravity, used since ancient times in the construction of walls among other things. “Isaiah is a real person under a pseudonym. I met him at Winning,” (Coffeehouse.), “and for a while we chatted whenever we were both there.” Her poem employing the Biblical metaphor concerns this acquaintance joining the military. “Isaiah’s gone tomorrow. I kiss his shiny new head goodbye.”
Subway nicely captures a sense of time and place. Lady has political undertones regarding The Statue of Liberty, which was a gift to this country from France, and the fact that, perhaps to understate it, there was enmity toward the French during the Bush era.
The poem, Captain Hook has some visceral phrasing, such as: “I will pull Gods from the sky,” and “I feed ships to the sea, buttered with blood.”

The phrase “g-d Chaser” appears in a poem called K'uei/Opposition. I asked Sari if being a g-d-Chaser was in regard to her study of various faiths or maybe a yearning for faith, or for “g-d.”
“Being a "g-d-chaser" I think refers both to my polytheism and my forbidden pursuit of relationships with other gods. I'm Jewish and believe I can only have a covenant with the one g-d, but I still believe the other gods exist. The Torah speaks of being forbidden to worship other gods as if it would be a betrayal of our jealous g-d to have formal relationships with any other god--as if those gods are real competitors. So to come back around to your question, I'm a "g-d-chaser" because I study and write to and about gods, but I can only ever chase them--if I were to catch them, I'd be betraying my g-d. For the record, Bob (the "you" in that poem) always says he's the g-d-chaser.”
Sari is planning to promote the book with readings in New Mexico and elsewhere. If you get a chance to hear her read her work and to purchase a copy of g-d chaser, I think it is well worth it. (less)


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