I am looking to make prints of my artwork and am wondering if anyone has a printer in Albuquerque that they love.  I would like to make high quality prints but I don't want to spend a fortune so that I can keep my customers' costs low.  Also, can you give me an idea of cost and turn around time?  Thank you!!!

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Hello-  I've been very  happy with prints made by Tami Abts of A Good Sign,
524 Haines St NW
Albuquerque NM 87102

Hope you give Tami a try and are as happy as I have been.

And we did everything electronically --except picking up the prints, of course.

Patricia Forbes

Thank you Patricia!  I really appreciate it! I will take a trip down to visit him.

I am very interested in this too for the same reason. Want to make, really, signed framed posters of some of my paintings and keep it affordable. I feel like a babe in the woods with these things but would really like to be able to get decent photos without spending a fortune.~Mike.

One of my favorite printers who is also a local musician is


Mike Grimes

Monolith Printing

2828 Vassar Dr NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

(505) 880-1951

Tell him Patti March sent you.


Thanks! I think I know who he is :) I will check him out too!

Check Masks y Mas as well. 

Thanks!  I never would have even thought that they did printing.  

Second vote for Tami @ a good sign!! 

Thank you all for your suggestions!  I truly appreciate it :)  

Tami has done several large canvas digital photo prints for me (2x3ft and 3x4ft) and I was very happy with her work and her positive attitude. She also does banners and signs. Also, for printing on fine art archival paper, and scanning of artwork, look up Patrick Carr at Carr Imaging 880-8124, 3748 Eubank NE. Both Tami and Patrick are experts and great to deal with.


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