As Albuquerque’s newest arts venue, we’re looking to feature our city’s
finest innovative voices in visual arts and music. In addition to providing
artists elegant space to exhibit, the gallery will reach out to the members
of the community scheduling monthly art shows, dance programs,
poetry readings, plays and lectures.

-Gallery’s hours: M-F 12-8p & Saturday 2-9p
-Art Shows/Exhibits every 2 months
-Promotion would consist of newspaper, flyers, and website
-All proceeds go to the artist
-Monthly fee required

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Oh yea I also create amazing signage and would be willing to inquire into trading. You can also see a few of my signs on the same sight. Let me know
If you need any vinyl work done for your window front, i do signs!
I checked on this space today. It is not leased to an art gallery...according to the building manager it is leased to a French Bistro?
What building manager?!
I'm working with Rob Dickson, the realtor.
We haven't leased the building yet..
We're waiting to recruit artists.
I thought people would get that being that
you see no "art" in the place.:/
I called the number on the door. The realty company, sign says For Lease. I suppose I meant "property" manager! I had actually looked into this space a while is a great space for a gallery. Anyway, he did say that the building was leased to a bistro.
Looks great! I'm a local Mask artist. I'd be interested in attending your art shows. Keep me posted!
This space looks wonderful! When you have an exhibition schedule, please mail me a copy: and I will post your dates at my site. You can also see the work of many local artists and contact them through the site as well.

Hello Jon I used to have you as a contact. cant remember where
Hi, I'm an art student/artist. What kind of art do you like? I kinda don't like southwestern. I'm into the Reallists and Impressionsists, like Degas and Courbet. Are you the owner? I'm good with portraits/pastels. I'm working on my sixth piece now (4 portraits, 2 seascapes). I don't mind showing them, lol. Anyway, my email is PLEASE let me know if you are interested. I could drop by with my pics (I like to meet people in person)... or I could email pictures if you want... DULL lol, (its not as good unless its up close and personal in my opinion, but what ever you want). You're the PERSON, whatever your affiliation might be, lol (I try to put lol's as much as possible, so as not to offend
I am a local slam poet always looking for somewhere to do my thang. maybe we could plan something that is cross pollinating in its art interests... ?
This looks like a really great space! Check out my website:
Let me know if you'd like to show my work. I'd be very happy to show in this space.
Take care, Will Light Johnson
Wow it looks like a beautiful space to show art. none of mine art is framed but Im working on it. :o)


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