Do any of you belong to any atheist organizations in NM? If so, I would love to hear about your experience. I really would like to be involved in an atheist group.


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Check out these two meetup groups and the one yahoo group. The atheist75 meetup group and the yahoo group are the same group.

That was very helpful. Thank you!
I don't belong to any organizations other than AANR on Facebook, but you might want to check out New Mexicans for Science and Reason.
Oooo thank you very much!
Atheists (speaking from experience) have a hard time coalescing. Their groups are generally very loosely bound and they have too many opinions. There is all kinds of different types ( I don't want to sound too pedantic here) of atheist ranging from nihilist atheists, militant atheists, moral atheists, conservative atheists, liberal atheists (even spiritual atheist, HA!)etc... The point is, meetings with them are possible, but nothing gets accomplished because they all disagree on some intellectual level or other. Hence the superiority of the common cause of believers, which is being militant about spreading their virus. Alas!
While I see what you are saying, I have also seen some very successful atheist communities. I was hoping to find a community in Albuquerque.
Well, you could try to get the ball rolling on a new one. Since you've purportedly seen actively thriving atheist communities, your experience would be an invaluable asset to such an effort.

right on


I started a Freethinkers' Society at UNM. If anyone is interested, let me know. We have a meeting every two weeks, along with weekend discussion/ activity dates planned.


We are fairly new in town, and so a lot of what we do is ironing out the creases. There is a very positive community at UNM and we would be more than willing to welcome anyone with a nice box of Oreos :)


In fact I may start a new discussion regarding this, with more info and ways to contact us.

me too. where can i get in touch and where and when are meetings

again, me too as I just got here from L.A.  Ca.

Not me at the moment but its always nice to hear from other A's. Thought about joining Humanist Society of NM. Seems like we're fragmented won't mind getting together once in a while and network. I don't know maybe share info or help those that might need some help. Just a an idea to kick around, after all we do like to think!!!! 


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