Alright who remembers Captain Billy, Dialing for Dollars, Val de la O, Weatherman Dr. Fishback etc.? What shows or personalities have I forgotten about?

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I was on the Captain Billy show a few times, and even won the spinning wheel contest (pink frosted cookies), I remember George Fishbeck's science show and the way he would say "hello muchachos-muchachas", I always liked it when Dialing for dollars would call someone who was sleeping and the would get mad at the host. my parents liked Val de la o but my spanish was never the greatest. I kinda of remember an Uncle Roy cartoon show, but I've never seen anyother reference to it. There was a lot of local programing in the afternoon.
I remember watching TV Science with George Fishback in elementary school and TV Music with (I think) it was Katherine McVee(?) I remember Dr Fishbeck saying "hello muchachos-muchachas"! And I, too, was on Captain Billy a couple of times. I remember the Uncle Roy show, but I barely recall watching it.
I remember TV music, but never whould have had a clue as to her name, prop's to carol's memory. what I do remember is that she would ask for suggestions for songs to play and out class would try to come up with rock songs our teacher said would never get played, that "it is not that kind of show" which I thought was strange because he theme song was Billy Preston's "outer-space"
Guess I'm a bit older than some of the respondents, as I don't remember Capt. Billy, but do remember Uncle Roy - even had one birthday party on his show. Loved the cartoons, but the western serials were the attraction... Roy Rogers, Hop-a-long Cassidy, Gene Autry, Zorro, and others.

As I recall Glen Campbell got his start on Uncle Roy's show. Anyone remember the theme song? I can only recall a few lines and maybe not correctly.

Riding on my way to Albuquerque,
Saddlebags full of beans and jerky.
K circle B in Albuquerque. (this referring to the station KOB.)

Dr. Fishbeck was a hoot and probably helped to fan the flames of my interest in science. Didn't he draw cute little figures to illustrate the weather? or am I thinking of someone else?
Glen Campbell started out performing in Burque with his Uncle Dick Bill's band, the Sandia Mountain Boys. I don't know if he ever performed on the Uncle Roy show...he probably did though.
Growing up, my parents always had the radio in the kitchen tuned to 77KOB. I remember listening to Tom Dunn's High Noon radio show that was broadcast from a booth at Coronado Mall when it was still open air....
I was always told that Campbell got his start playing a a club here owned by my great-great-aunt, Fritz somethingorother. Seems like they said that the club was out on west Central. Do you happen to know where that band regularly played?
The club in question was either The Chesterfields, or the Hitchin' Post.

Gosh, this was posted in '08 but I am getting caught up but here is what I know about Glen Campbell.  He played in a bar located on the SW corner of Coors and Central. might have been The Hitching Post.  We used to call it the "Bucket of Blood" because of all the fights that broke out there.  Never went in but passed by it all the time on our way to Chicken in the Rough further west on Central for steak fingers and eggs after a night of heavy beer drinking..  He played with Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys but I honestly don't remember what the show consisted of only that I remember seeing Dick Bills but paid no attention to Glen Campbell or any of the other musicians in that group.  I think he started his own band in the late 50's or early 60's.  That's about all I know......

True. Glen got his start in show biz with my Fathers band "Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys". Glad to see there are still some good memories floating around out there, haha. Thanks.
Hey Felix, There's a lot of names of musicians that played with my Pops, but Lonnie's doesn't ring a bell. Was he a Sandia mountain Boy at one time? Although most of my Dads showbiz days were long before my time, I always enjoy the inquiries and stories. Thanks man.

Actually "Lights of Albuquerque" was written and recorded by Don Quinton on Christy Records and covered nationally by Billy Mize on Columbia. The song is about a mortally wounded soldier from  Albuquerque and his dying wish is to see the "Lights Of Albuquerque"....Don passed away about 2009 in Los Lunas ,NM.  Glen Campbell went to Hollywood in 1960 and  recorded "Turn Around Look At Me" on the Indy label "Crest Records" He and Jerry Capehart are listed as Co-writers...He came back to Albuquerque for a very short Time and went back to Hollywood were he eventually broke big with "By The Time I Get To Phoenix"...prior to that he charted with Universal Soldier on Capitol records.  I played both versions of "Lights of Albuquerque ,on Real Oldies 1600 and I also played three songs by Dick Bill feat Glen Campbell.".You, You , You" (not the same song as the Ames), "I wonder" and "Dreams For Sale" I collect New Mexico  garage band 45's from the 50's and 60's..Morticians, Shltons Lindy and the Lavelles, Chessmen  etc.


Vince Guillen

Thanks,Vince, for this information.

So, you did play two versions of "Lights of Albuquerque" on Real Oldies 1600.

O.K., where can I hear the Glen Campbell's version?

I would very much like to learn Glen Campbell's version of "Lights of Albuquerque".


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