Alright who remembers Captain Billy, Dialing for Dollars, Val de la O, Weatherman Dr. Fishback etc.? What shows or personalities have I forgotten about?

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I certainly remember Jane Metzler's hair!
Wow!!! I was also born in Albuq!! I lived here until age 28, had a 20-year stint in So. Cal. and am now back HOME!!

I don't remember how I got to this web site --- I think it was a Google on George Fishbeck." I'm now 50 (and proud of it!!)

Thank you all for letting me remember Capt'n Billy!!! Was he on Channel 13? (I want to say "KGGM" but it is now KRQE.)

My mother was "Miss Joyce" on Romper Room in the 60's. This was also on Channel 13. After Romper Room centralized to Chicago, my mom then became "Mrs. Marron" on "TV Kindergarten" on Channel 5. She was THE Kindergarten for NM (and surrounding areas) for at least 10 years. Her show was a mix of APS and PBS. They (KNME) was then located in a very small studio, perhaps on Yale or Roma, on campus? (UNM campus area.)

George Fishbeck was a good friend of our family. We all loved his science show! (I remember the theme music to it.) He was and is a wonderful man. He said some very wonderful things in the Journal about my mom when she passed away a few years ago.

What a wonderful thing as far as remembering all of the old ABQ "stuff"!

We were all lucky to have been raised at the time we were and to have such wonderfully talented people teaching and entertaining us on TV!

Did you all go on class trips to Creamland Dairies? ( I think that we all did.)

Whew, those WERE the wonderful days!

I remember the weather guy on one of the TV stations also used to do the "afternoon" movie. They took the phone book and cut it up into pieces that contained maybe 20 names each piece. They put all those pieces into a large wire mesh drum from which the "weather" guy would draw a piece of paper with names on it. I forget how they arrived at the particular number that was to select the phone number to call. I can remember them calling people that were napping or that weren't watching the movie. On a rare occasion they actually got a person that was watching the movie and they were given a chance to answer the question that was asked. I forget what the prize was it seems like it may have been a cash prize that increased each time no one answered the question correctly.

Anybody remeber this programs and the details?
As I recall, the show was on channel-7 (KOAT) and was called "Dialing For Dollars" and the host was either Rex Munger or Howard Morgan. There had been other hosts, but those are the ones I remember. Yes, that's when there was real local talent and TV was doing local production. Alas, TV has gone downhill since then.
Dialing for Dollars . . . If they called your number, you had to know "the count and the amount." They spun a wheel for the count and that was how many names up or down they counted on the piece of phone book that they drew. If you did not know the count and the amount, the amount increased for the next drawing. To bad they never called me, because I was always watching.

I did win one local media promotion once. In the 70's they legalized the private ownership of gold and KOB radio ran a contest where you called in and they started listing prizes related to gold. When you said "stop" you won the next prize. I won the gold! It was a 1-ounce bar, worth about $250 in those days. It was delivered to my house by Sue Barton (anybody remember her?) which was a prize itself. My mom bought the gold bar from me so I could have some cash to buy a stereo system. As far as I know, that gold bar is still in her safety deposit box.

Another TV personality I really liked back then was Mike Roberts. He did the play-by-play for Lobos basketball, and anchored sports on channel 4. I think he was also a cub reporter before then when they had the riots at UNM in the 60s. I remember a reporter getting stabbed in the stomach at Yale Park and seeing it on TV.
Yes..."the count and the amount"...and the wheel (our local "Wheel of Fortune")
...I remember it well! And Mike Roberts...he's still doin' it too. Way to go, Mike! If ONLY someone had some footage of the Dialing for Dollars, that'd be great! Sad to say, there's just NO local production like that anymore. :-{ Here's to those great memories!
I must add that Mike Roberts lived in the Farmington area before moving to the Duke city and I so remember how fine he was at sports broadcasting before he reached Albuquerque. I remember him up in the "crows nest" which was simply an elevated box on the top of a long metal pole where he could see the entire football field to call a game on the radio. As you all know that man had no end of speaking skills combined with an ability to remember so many players names for his greatly valued broadcasts of those early games. He has to be one of the finest in the world at these arts.
Yes, KGGM was the call letters back then. I worked there in '91 just before they sold it and changed the call letters to KRQE. That was the end of an interesting era (sad to say). And yes, I also remembered Miss Joyce" on Romper Room in the 60's, along with other local talent such as Mrs ( Nancy) Johnson, the music teacher on KNME, along woth our favorite science teacher George Fishbeck. And now, I work at KNME, the former 'home' of these great icons. And the list goes on.
Field Trips???!!!! We had the best field trips ever!!!!

I remember going to Hutchinson Fruit Company near 4th & Candelaria (if I recall correctly) and each one of us would get a nylon bag full of fruit, paper hats, and pencils. Creamland Dairies was always cool, including room temp! We toured Jill's Bakery on Coal, just east of I-25 (I remember this trip because my cousin had returned from Vietnam and was working the big dough machines while we were on our tour of the place). We went to another bakery and saw how the bread got sliced and packaged in those plastic bags, too. And the zoo was always fun, no matter what grade we were in. We also went most every year to see the Albuquerque Symphony perform at Tingley Coliseum, even if half of us were either asleep or in trouble for not sitting still long enough. I remember going to Santa Fe to see the museums and there was once a field trip to Pecos and everyone got apple cider. Wow, those were all great trips!
I remember when Valley Gold Dairy and Creamland Dairies used to redeem the little round cardboard milk bottle stoppers for prizes. All the kids collected them...and if you saved up enough, you could even get a bicycle!
Yes, I remember well those little cardboard circles. One Christmas we didn't have much money so Dad bought us children Xmas presents from the dairy store since we had collected lots of circles. I got a fab red-haired Miss America doll in a box. I still have it somewhere. Those gifts were not shabby at all! We never saved enough for the bicycle though.

Hi Cynthia, I certainly Do remember your Mom as Miss Joyce. My brother Tommy was mesmerized when he watched her. He thought she could really see him when she looked into the mirror and " saw" children n the TV audience. As Tommy never went to a real Kindergarten,  he got to stay home and be educated in the Virtual world. For years we would talk about any mis-behavior as a " Romper Room No-No". As in when  President Nixon lost his presidency due to authorizing the Watergate burglars, now That was a major "Romper Room No-No."

I do remember the small KNME studio on the UNM campus; I think it was on Roma. My Del Norte High School String Quartet went  there to perform on camera to illustrate music concepts with a song by J.S. Bach. This would have been in the Fall of 1966. The piece we played was simple in the extreme: " How Brightly Shines the Morning Star". I think it was at the invitation of the UNM music department with a link through Dale Kempter our Albuquerque Youth Symphony director at the time and our Del Norte Orchestra director William Gabbert. I remember how kind the staff was to us as we were total novices. We were Thrilled !      


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