Alright who remembers Captain Billy, Dialing for Dollars, Val de la O, Weatherman Dr. Fishback etc.? What shows or personalities have I forgotten about?

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I've started a new discussion about field trips you took as kid. Check it out!!
Three months into the thread and nobody's mentioned Dickie Bowles and "Bedtime Bombs"? Fine, fine television.

(I lost the Channel 7 "Dr. George Fischbeck" pin I got in grade school while taking my wife to the airport a few years ago. If anyone has a spare lying around the house...)
Don't laugh, but I am from Espanola! We received all 4 TV channels from Albuquerque (see, Espanola had TV). I enjoyed Uncle Roy, Uncle Howdy, Capt. Billy, Dick Bills, and Dr. Fishback. The news with Dick Knifing on channel 7 at that time, Tom Doyle on KOB TV and Strech Shear (sp?) on KGGM TV... he did dialing for dollars, sports, weather, community programs and everthing else at KGGM over the years... Black and White!

My dad and I used to go to Albuquerque a few times per year to buy goods for his dept. store in Espanola... it was like going to NYC for me. I loved going to Albuquerque. We even went to the grand opeing of Winrock Center in like 1962! Remember Toys by Roy? I used to ride with my dad to all the big retail stores to get ideas and prices... Globe Shopping City, Gulf Mart!

We heard radio from Albuquerque as well... KOB Radio with Tom Dunn. I went to Coronado Center one day and was fascinated as a kid watching Tom Dunn do his show from the little booth outside. Remember KQEO Radio with Bobby Box? And the guy who was the morning man on KOB and he played the piano while talking... George Mahony... like 1960ish. I later worked in Albuquerque Radio (1972/73) and TV and even worked with Bobby Box at one time... like working with Marconi! Got the opportunity to work for NM Broadcasting, KGGM-TV and KVSF Radio in Santa Fe for Mr. Bruce Hebenstreit who built the road up the back side of Sandia Mountain and put TV and radio towers on the crest. He also built a huge Hollywood sound stage at KGGM in Broadcast Plaza where I got to see some of the movies filmed in NM done while working there. Worked with his Son, "Andy" who was the anchor man on KGGM-TV news for a few years. I remember the Roma Wine Wrestling, Robert B. Gibson Auto Sales commercials, Dick Bills and programs brought to you by "Joe G. Maloof and Company".

Loved the Civic Auditorium! Went to a number of events there including the Ice Capades! Loved eating at Village Inn Pancake House on Central, Sambo's on Menaul, and Wyatt's at Coronado Center.

Yes.. and Jane... She does the news each day now on the FOX News Radio Network... Was with Don Imus for a while as well. Remember Jan Black on KGGM Radio? I listened to her on KCBS Radio in San Francisco when I worked radio there in the late 70's.

I love Albuquerque and could write pages about it... thanks for putting this forum here!
I always loved the village Inn as well. They beat the heck out of Ihop. And I remember the Uncle Roy show. I was on the Capt Billy show and it was a blast!! m Also, my mom would take us to Wyatts every Easter; and she has some god awful photos of my sisters and I on Easter sitting in front of the outdoor foutains at Coronado center. Years latter at the same Coronado center I worked at the vips big boy; I was in high school and needed the cash. Thanks for the memories!!
The Village Inn on Central just west of Old Town used to have a clown that gave out balloons on Saturday or Sunday mornings. It was always fun going there.
I remember almost everything you discussed in your reply. I especially remember Tom Dunn (good up, smell the coffee cooking! -- remember that?). I loved to listen to Tom Dunn.

I used to work at the Village Inn Pancake Houses. I started on the west side as busboy ($0.80/hour). Very quickly I got "promoted" to dishwasher, a $0.20/hour raise ($1.00/hour). Later I learned to cook ($1.25/hour), worked at both restaurants and later ended up up working exclusively at the East side Village Inn. I ultimately became the kitchen manager which was a decent job for a high school graduate with few skills.

I remember Ben Bronstein who owned the Village inns. He was a character. VERY nice dresser. He bought a small bar across the street from the Village Inn East (The El Cid?) and gave employees a tab. Periodically I saw some cooks and dishwashers have to pay their tab from the bar and it wasn't a pretty sight. I personally never went there because I couldn't afford to drink in bars. Hell, I was making only $125/week as the kitchen manager and still working 100 hour weeks. I had to stand in for any of my cooks that didn't show up. And cooks are notorious for not showing up or quitting on the spur of the moment.

Ben Bronstein always told us that he won a Gold Medal in the Olympics in Greco Roman Wrestling. I actually tried to verify that by looking up Gold Medal Winners but I could never verify that he had actually won that Gold Medal. Anybody know for sure?

Ah................. it's someimes nice to reminisce
Yes,, thanks for the forum!! So you covered all the basics Danny Ray. Ed Pennybacker of KQEO said happy birthday to my twin brother, Mark and me when we were about 6 or 7, just waking up for school. Our brothers and sisters called KQEO to request the dedication. He mispronounced our last name but we did'nt care, all we knew is we heard our name on the RADIO. We walked 2ft above the ground all day. It was a great birthday from the get go. Thank you family! But back to Alb radio & tv, circa baby boomer formative years 50's, 60's 70's. Gordon Sanders hosted Dialing for Dollars was it, I was hypnotized by all those shiney quarters going around. A certain member of my family was part of the peanut gallery and got stage fright, mr shy guy hid underneath the chairs so all of us waiting eagerly at home to see him... never did see him on tv.. :[. Glen Campbell cut his show biz teeth on his uncle Dick Bills K Circle Bill's program.

Did you and your pop's ever go into White's 3 story dept store on Central just east of Washington? They mailed out a fantastic Christmans catalog loaded with toys like snow cone machines, creepy crawler making machines, which was the presurser to gummy worms, bears & such. It was near a fancy restaurant called the Silver Spur. One visit there for dinner, my brother and I were awestruck at the siting of derby wearing, rosey cheeded, Uncle Roy. Fast forward to Christy Mae's restaurant on San Pedro when Uncle Howdy (Howard Morgan) sat in the table next to the party I was sitting with. I was star struck and couldn't muster up the courage to tell him how much we enjoyed his good cheer, straw hat & striped jacket wearing days on the after school program he hosted, back in the day... Oh the great memories.. There's more. I know what you mean about being able to go on and on about Burque. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of such great kid memories growing up in my beloved Albuquerque.
Ah yes. Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys. And let's not forget the lead singer. I believe his name was Glenn Cambell. Dick couldn't carry a tune in a ten gallon bucket but he had a nice noonday show.I remember some of George Mahony's antics. What was the name of the engineer he like to include in some of his nonsense?. Was it Art Tillery? I may have his last name mispelled.I used to listen to Mahony and Art every morning on my way out to the Old College of Saint Joseph on the Rio Grande.Who here remembers the two Bob's drive- ins on East Central and the two Casa Luna pizza places? Two selection,tomatoe and cheese and I can't remember the other because I couldn't afford it.Someone will know.I hope to live in New Mexico again. It is such a different land.I loved to drive the back way to Santa Fe through Golden,Madrid and Cerrillos.
Ah yes. Dick Bills and The Sandia Mountain Boys. Dick couldn't carry a tune in a ten gallon bucket but the lead singer could. His name was Glenn Cambell. I liked listening to George Mahony every morning on my way out to the old College of Saint Joseph on the Rio Grande. What was the engineer's name that Mahony liked to involve in some of his nonsense? Was it Art Tillery? I grew up in Albuquerque in WWll and Korea. Anybody remember driving up and down Central between the two Bob's drive-ins? And who remembers the name of the two pizza joint where you had two choices. One was tomatoe and cheese and I can't remember the other choice because I couldn't afford it. Anyone remember the location of the Toddle Houses? Paris shoe store in the three hundred block of Central was a good place to get quality shoes. Anybody remember the location of the second store? Think "the dip." There was an excellent mens' store on the sountheast corner of Central and Third Street. Anyone remember the name and the locations of the second and third stores? What sporting goods store was located on the northeast corner of Central and Sixth St.? Where was the second store? How about the third store? It's nice to reminisce dont't you think? Remember the name of that good looking guy who played on the first Highland High School football team, was a real star at OU and went to the pros? Those were nice days when Highland won the state championship in football, although I didn't attend school there. Wish I could have.
Sandy Beach on Q106.

Real name, Pam. Through a freakishly odd case of 'small world', we ended up roommates in Long Beach, CA. for a year. She met a software guy and I think they live in NYC now. The last I saw and spoke to them was 14 years ago at my wedding. Wow, talk about a Flashback.

Holy crap, I have been married for....and I am old and ......Brain Freeze!!!! Ok, better now.
Yes, I loved Captain Billy who actually was the alter ego of Stretch Sharer(?) on Channel 13. Never got to be on his show, but I wouldn't have missed being home in time for his " ahoy shipmates " as he docked the ship at port on the Rio Grande complete with ship's bell. He started my obsession with Popeye. I do remember the day Captain Billy was killed./ Friend who grew up in Santa Fe that I met years later here in TN remembers it as the day his childhood ended. Poor Captain Billy. Uncle Roy had his own kiddie show on KOAT (ABC ) wore a bowler hat and referred to child guests as The Peanut Gallery. Does anyone know if he actually owned Toys by Roy in Winrock? He always asked "How are you? Is everything Copasetic?" I got to go with my Campfire girl group twice to K Circle B, that was really my favorite TV show because of the western movies. We girls were in awe of Dick Bills; he was handsome and could sing too. My brother Tom and argued for years over whether the lyrics to the theme song were " saddlebags all filled with beans and turkey"or "beans and jerky". The Valentino de la O show was a staple of Saturday TV ; Val was another great looking host and his brother ran the Mariachi Band. The band was Ok but looked mahvelous in their elaborate costumes and sunglasses--the studio lights were too bright, I guess. The show also had a comedian who was a Cantinflas look a like. He was always dancing around and in danger of losing his pants if you recall! Now his pants would fit right in with the hip-hop culture. Dr. Gerald Fishback came to our elementary school and gave us autographs. a drawing of a fish with "back" across it's back. He made science fun! Wow, I feel like a kid again just talking about all this. Uncle Howdy had a kids show too.He wore a straw hat and a striped jacket. As Howard Morgan he was the weatherman with the big smile who could draw Thermo, a little boy cartoon character who shivered when cold and sweated big drops in summer! Howard drew wonderful illustrated cold fronts instead of using weather radar, now which do you think is more fun? My Mom said Uncle Howdy was too good looking to be a kids show host but he was a good weatherman. What other shows do you remember? anybody remember a local Tv dance show kind of like American Bandstand?
(I'm replying to a post that says it was from today, but for some reason it's showing up back on page three of this thread, sorry if it seems out of context but I wanted to respond to the man who mentioned Shock Theatre)

Shock Theatre was also hosted by my dad, Bob McCoy. I have lots of the scripts, pictures and his Gatekeeper costume. I'll try to attach a couple of pictures. Unfortunately, I wasn't born till 1962 so I was too little to remember that show so I love to hear from people who watched it!

As I posted earlier, he was the first weather man in New Mexico and was the weather man on KOB for 25 years. He also hosted channel 4's Dialing for Dollars show, did tons of local commercials and local theatre. He died in 1971, but I have lots of great memories of hanging out in the studio while he did the weather or filmed ads for American Furniture. His best friend was Tom Doyle who did the news for many years with my dad. Before TV came along they had a radio show that I have some recordings of on 78-speed albums.


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