Alright who remembers Captain Billy, Dialing for Dollars, Val de la O, Weatherman Dr. Fishback etc.? What shows or personalities have I forgotten about?

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I am sorry, I meant I played the Billy Mize and Don Quinton versions, to my knowledge Glen Campbell didn't record "Lights Of Albuqueruqe". And of course the Jim Glaser Version Of "Lights Of Albuquerque" is a different song, same Title.

A bit of trivia Jim Glaser had a  good career with the Glaser brothers and as a solo artist...he co-wrote "Woman,Woman" for Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

Riding on my way to Albuquerque,
Saddlebags all full of beans and jerky.
Headin' for K circle B,
The TV ranch for you and me.
K circle B in Albuquerque.
Yoodle Ae, eee, ae, aeeee, aeee.....

It was Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys, and Glenn Campbell was one of the original Sandia Mountain Boys...

Now , have I dated myself, or what! :-)
I remember that song fondly! I still sing it sometimes. An oldie but goodie for baby-boomers.

Riding down the trail to Albuquerque
Saddle bags all filled with beans and jerky

Heading for K circle B
TV rights for you and me

K circle B in Albuquerque.

Nice thread. Thanks All.
Wasn 't it "TV Ranch for you and me"? That's how my dad always sang it...
Your Dad is probably right.

I just didn't get the TV 'ranch' thing so TV 'rights' made more sense to me and I was only in grade school then.

It seems I missed my calling and should have been a producer. LOL
When I was a child it was Dick Bills who hosted the show, and the opening song went
"Riding down the trail to Albuquerque
saddle bags all filled with beans and jerky
Heading for K circle B, the TV ranch for you and me
K circle B, in Albuquerque
yes I guess he did yoodle at the end.
He had Roy Rogers (maybe this is where you got the idea of Uncle Roy, Gene Autry, Little Rascals, and Flash Gordon. Wayne Hawley
I always thought it was:
Heading for K Circle B
TV rides for you and me...

Guess TV ranch makes more sense.
Uncle Roy was on Channel 7. K-Circle-B with Dick Bills was on Channel 4. Capt. Billy was on Channel 13 (now KRQE; then KGGM)

Speaking of Glen Campbell, I cleary remembering hearing his song about the lights of Albuquerque.  It was in the mid 1960s that I heard his song.

I am trying to find out the title of his song about Albuquerque.   It was definite not "The Lights of Albuquerque" which was sung by another singer much later.   Can anyone help me find Glen Campbell's song about Albuququerque?

The other song was by Jim Glaser, and was, imho, much the better of the two.

It was considered a "bonus track" on Glaser's LP "Man in the Mirror," which was full of excellent songs like "(I Like It) When You're Not A Lady," "If I Could Only Dance With You," the title song "The Man in the Mirror" (different song and pre-Michael Jackson, obviously), and others. "Lights" became a local sensation and got quite a bit of airplay for a brief time.  I was a disk jockey on KRZY AM at the time, so I knew my way around country music during the late sixties and early seventies.

Thanks, Mike, for the info. 

Yes, I am familiar with Jim Glaser's "Lights of Albuquerque".

It's definitely a great song.

But I am still trying to find out the name of Glen Campbell's song about Albuquerque.

There definitely was a phrase "lights of Albuquerque" also in Glen Campbell's song.

I could be wrong.  Do you know the name of Glen Campbell's song.

I check with Glen Campbell's discography and couldn't come up with any song about Albuquerque.

And it was definitely not the "Lights of Albuquerque" by Jim Glaser, which I heard many times.

I remember a Glen Campbell version of  a song such as lights of Albuquerque If you find it let me know I would love to hear it.


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