Alright who remembers Captain Billy, Dialing for Dollars, Val de la O, Weatherman Dr. Fishback etc.? What shows or personalities have I forgotten about?

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The coldest I have ever seen it in Albuquerque was in February of 1971. I believe it got to 19 below. I remember that some homes had frozen pipes. I didn't know anything about cold until I moved to far northwestern Colorado.
It was January 1971 at -26 and it was a mess.  Because of that incident we had moved and the pool at the new appartment and the pool at the new appartment was still frozen on my birthday 1-27.

Does anyone remember Dick Bills' radio show on KOB?  It was the Postal finance show and I remember he spelled out P-O-S-T-A-L with the guitar strings but seemed to run out of strings each time.  I also remember the Paradise Supper Club out in Tijeras Canyon--went there and recorded a rock band one night (friends of mine) and it was regularly promoted by Dick on the radio and TV shows as I recall.  Last time I saw Glenn Campbell in Albuq he did a concert backed up by the ABQ symphony although they were on stage together, they didn't play together, unfortunately.


And was it uncle Roy that always asked "is everything copesetic?" 

I can't remember The Postal FInance segment on Dick Bills show. Do you remember he had a commercial break and they would have a lady come to sell her cosmetics. Her name was Marge White. She would stick a toothpick in her creme and then lick it off to show it didn't contain harmful ingredients. I remember the Paradise Supper Club. It sat kind of below the highway. What was the name of the rock band?

Funny! The Doors recorded a version of The Dick Bills Show Theme in 1972 and it is now being released.

Was Jim Morrison from New Mexico?

And in addition to the news about the Doors, here are some more Dick Bills related pics:

Wow! That is sooo very cool. yeah, Jim Morrison grew up in Albuquerque. I believe is home was on Comanche near Wyoming? I know it when we drive by. Anyway, thanks so much everyone for the great memories and info! I'm blown away by this! We love The Doors and can't wait to hear this new material!

Now on ebay, dozens of pictures of Dick Bills from KOB radio.

Wow! It's like the dude hijacked my personal photo albums! Never thought somebody would have such a collection!

Someone is selling a Crest record by Dick Bills...Rockin' and a Rollin' ending in a few days on Ebay. The ask price is around $50 

It sure brings back memories for me appearing on his show in the 50s as a kid magician. Dick got me started in the entertainment industry. I always wanted to thank him for that opportunity.

Here's a little Thank You video for your dad.

Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys performance.

Best Regards, James L. Perry


If I may chime in, love the video you made for Dick Bills. Would you care to share some stories about how you got in touch with Dick Bills, or your performance on the Dick Bills show and what the show was like? Do you perhaps have any photos or other memorabilia from that performance? Would love to hear more!

Lumdeloo (a big Glen Campbell / Dick Bills fan) 

A kid remembers the Dick Bills Show

Although my exact recollections of the 1950s are fuzzy, I remember performing as a magician at various senior homes and children's hospital wards around town after school.

After one of those shows received a news story in the Albuquerque Journal newspaper, my mother received a phone call from Dick Bills at KOB Television to ask if I would perform on his afternoon live TV show. I think this was sometime in the mid to late fifties.

I recall the KOB - TV studio was much smaller than I had expected and all the kids attending the show sat on bales of hay as Dick Bills played his guitar and talked to the kids. The Klieg lights were unbelievably hot and so bright in your face it almost blinded you. I remember appearing on the show a few more times thereafter performing a few tricks at each appearance. Dick was one of the pioneers of live television and made me appreciate all the hard work he put into entertaining the local kids and their parents,

Probably every New Mexican who ever watched TV during that era can still remember his catchy theme song K Circle B in Albuquerque.

Best Regards,
James L. Perry


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