Doherty Lumber Tunnel of Toys used to be located on the corner of Louisianna and Central SE.  My wife's dad, Jerry Doherty, owned that business for many years and my wife used to be (still is) a doll fanatic and she used to go down to the Tunnel of Toys and test drive every single doll that came in the store.  I do remember they always had model trains set up.  Anyone have any memories of the Tunnel of Toys?


I used to go with my grandmother, Adelina Duran, to watch wrestling matches with Mike London, Bulldog Pletchas (sp?), and one of the good guy wrestlers, I think his name was Rapid Ricky Romero, may have been from around here.  Matches were at the Civic Auditorium downtown 'Burque.  Mike London used to have a tv show on Sundays and they even brought their show to the old Belen High School Gymnasium.  I remember seeing Danny Buldog Pletchas in the shower thinking he was a really big guy... of course I was maybe around 9 or 10 years old.  Of course all the wrestlers were NOT on steroids in those days.

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Horacio, maybe we went to school together at Albuquerque High, but I must be a little older because I don't remember Rapid Ricky Romero. I do remember Bulldog Pletchas, and liked him. I also watched the hero wrestlers Juan Garcia and Pierre LaBelle. Then there was the anti-hero of the era, The Golden Terror. The matches were on TV for the first hour, then they quit well before the main event, hoping to lure people away from their TV to watch the rest of the matches. Charlie Teas may have been the TV announcer in those days. Does his name ring a bell.

This was about  1954 or so when we first got a black and white TV. Before that I went across the street to a neighbor's house, where about 15 kids from the neighbor were sitting on the floor watching. I livedi n the south valley off Perry Road. 

I went to Belen HS and graduated in '65.  All I remember is letting the black and white (maybe 13" screen?) warm up for a few minutes and watching Howdy Doody, Andy's Gang, Little Rascals, Inner Sanctum (really scary for a kid) and maybe some old westerns like Tom Mix, Lash Larue and others I have long forgotten.  Maybe you know some more?

my grandpa's house only had three hours of tv on per week (1960's).....sunday night was gunsmoke....monday night was perry mason...and sunday morning was wrestling with mike london......i remember ricky romero was THE good guy.......harley race THE bad guy.........cyclone negro and the infernos....does any body remember them?

I remember a Christmas time TV match put on by London where Santa Claus, seated in the ring, handed out treats to the children. So many kids rushed up to get in on the candy that the ring collapsed and all you could see was the top of Santa's cap.Does anyone else recall that ring "malfunction?" Probably around 1955. 


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