Read a blog today reporting it went out of business. Their web page is also down.

Too bad. I had good luck, bought 3 bikes there over the past few years.

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I was in a bike store yesterday and overheard the owner and another worker talking about it. I guess a few years back that some folks from, I think, Minnesota bought it. Evidently, there were some suggestions that the previous owner had not disclosed all the details about the business in the sale. At one point they needed to do something like $10k in sales a day to meet their costs (maybe because they were carry such a huge stock in store). Always sad to see a bike store close...
Trek deserved a much better dealership. I bought two bikes from ABC and found them to be one of the least capable bike shops in all of Albuquerque - quite amateur in biking and in business. I look forward to a new Trek distributor in ABQ. Trek would be wise not to put all of their eggs in one basket.
Agreed on all counts.
By the way, the reason I have such a strong opinion, one that might seem like it has a lack of compassion, is that I grew up in Wisconsin and have owned Trek bikes since 1989. It broke my heart when I finally had to look to another brand for my most recent racing bike. It wasn't because Trek doesn't make a great product. It was because of my lack of confidence in ABC. I would imagine that either Trek will open a corporate store in ABQ or look to one of several possibilities in one or more fine ABQ bike shops.
I would be interested in any more info on the Trek Shop. I've just learned that it's not to be a corporate store but locally owned. I'd like to find out who. I am intersting in some employee. Anyone know who the principles are?

Oops this photo was supposed to be my icon. Taylor Phinney winning Stage Four of the Gila this year. Charles Dionne, Fly V Australia, right who took third. Any teams or indivduals intrested in photos can contact me at
That should be employment.
That should be


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