The city has started the much-needed surface replacement project on the Bosque Bike Trail sooner than originally planned.


The trail south of Central Ave to almost Bridge Blvd is now closed. You must detour using Tingley Dr. All the asphalt is being removed and a new base layer is being prepared prior to repaving. They will be moving north by sections until they reach Alameda Blvd.


I spoke with city workers today and hope to have a schedule to post here in a few days. They say they will install signs to warn commuters prior to work on each section and admit they dropped the ball on this first section.

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Thanks for the tip.  And the schedule.
I saw the barriers and stakes, but as of Monday it was open.  Are they going to widen it or raise the shoulder?  And where does the funding come from?  Glad to see them start.

In an email from James Lewis, Associate Planner for the City of Albuquerque concerning reconstruction of the Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail:


The Open Space Division and Parks and Rec dept. have been continuously meeting with the Dept. of Municipal Development and Star Paving staff to make sure they safely pinpoint the detours that will be put into place while the PdB Trail is being reconstructed (repaved).

Getting the information to the public is a major priority that Open Space and Parks have reiterated to both DMD and Star Paving.  Public safety is the the number one concern.  Signs for the project are being generated at this moment by DMD that will be placed along the entire trail area proposed for repaving.  Information about the closings will be on the City's main webpage and we will put it on the Open Space page as well.

A few details of the project:
The range of this project will be from Bridge blvd. to Alameda and will be a fairly quick
Start at Bridge Blvd. and head north - all estimates of time are weather permitting.
I. Bridge to Central ~ 16 Days Jan. 10, 2011 to Jan. 26, 2011
II. Central to I-40 ~ 16 Days Jan. 26, 2011 to Feb. 11, 2011
III. I-40 to Montano ~16 Days Feb. 11, 2011 to Feb. 27, 2011
IV. Montano to Paseo ~ 16 Days Feb. 27, 2011 to March 15, 2011
V. Paseo to Alameda ~ 16 Days March 15, 2011 to March 31, 2011

Detours will be set up in the segments aforementioned

Two City Contacts for the project are listed below and please indicate to all groups you send information to that DMD and Star Paving are to be contacted with any questions or concerns with this project.  Either David or Moby can direct you to Star Paving contacts if needed:
David Harrison P.E.(Construction Engineer)                                                                              
Department of Municipal Development                   
Construction Services Division
PH: (505) 924-3669
FX: (505) 924-3629
C: (505) 238-4158

Moby Mirza (City Project Manager)
City of Albuquerque
DMD-Engineering Division

Yes.  Thanks BB.  I ride it all the time.
Official Bosque Trail Project with maps, schedule and detours:
Well, as of this morning the bike path is totally ripped up south of Central all the way to where Tingley Blvd makes that turn by a small parking lot.  There is no marked bike detour, and that would be a good idea.  Tingley is pretty narrow in places and the traffic can be heavy.
There is a poorly marked detour. You can find a detailed map using the link I provided just above.

Man.  I'm dumb as a rock.  I stood at the bio park (proud that I found my way through the parking lot maze) trying  to get across central, pushing the damn button and wondering why the S. bound light wouldn't change.  After the third or fourth cycle I realized the proper crossing signal button is about 10 yards to the west.

The first day of construction, I was jaw jacked pretty good by a knucklehead in a pickup so I stopped and talked to a DMD staffer at the South parking lot who showed me the project drawings and connected me with their supervisor on the phone.  I expressed my concern that they were setting up potential vehicle/cyclist conflict routing cyclists on S. Tingley. The guy was apologetic and said that they would take steps to correct the signage deficiencies and make the detour clearer (I saw no signs).  He said that the DMD bike staffer had checked the alternative routes that morning and approved everything. 

Can't figure out why they now have things closed at Mountain if that area isn't scheduled till the 26th. 

Even if DMD can't get its act together, it was great to see all the recreational users out today.  Let's hope that the city can get ahead of things and keep it safe out there!



I'm glad to hear that it's not just a "resurfacing" job; hopefully the really buckled sections (due to roots, poor drainage, etc) will be properly prepared before the asphalt goes down.

Johnny Mango asked about the funding; it's my understanding  there was money left over from the Gail Ryba Bridge (River crossing).  That project was a combination of stimulus money and local set-aside $. (A friend  opined that "they cut enough corners on that project, I'm sure they had some bux left over")

I hope to see a smoother undercrossing at Central, and the removal of all the bone jarring transverse cracks between Montano and the Nature center.  With bike lanes on Rio Grande through the village of Los Ranchos, detours and "alternate routes" are actually available when the trail is closed for construction.

My first day trying to get from Alameda to Rio Bravo. Lost the detour signs in the Bio Park parking lot and decided to turn back. Not to keen on pedaling with traffic on detour routes.

 Does the detour get one pass Marquez back on the trail and under Bridge to Rio Bravo?

 From the Bio Park parking area, you have to get over to Central/Tingley and take Tingley south to Alcalde.  You can also bail off of Tingley by the Country Club tennis courts, and ride parallel to Tingley on Kit Carson to Alcalde. Basically you're going to be heading over to 8th st, then southbound to Marquez where you can make a turn west back to the trail.

 Anyway you cut it, the detour uses street routes; if you can navigate thru the Country Club area, traffic is calmer via Chacoma/San Pasquale/Laguna/ Kit Carson.  Just about any of the neighborhood streets in that area are comfortable riding, if Tingley makes you UNcomfortable.

Bumping this thread because the contractor has apparently completed the major part of the trail renovation.  What I can't understand is why NOBODY at the City is responding to requests to update their web link regarding the trail detour.  The side trip over to Rio Grande Blvd from Montano to Paseo is not in effect.  I have contacted 311 (a week and a half ago) and Mark Motsko, the Dept of Municipal Development spokesperson to no avail. 

If you were a visitor to our so-called "Bicycle Friendly Community", the lack of current info on the official website would not leave a very good impression,  would it?


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