Hello bikers, I commute daily along Morris and there are always cars parked in the bike lane north of Indian School.  Aside from ringing door bells to figure out who owns the vehicles and trying to convince them to park in their driveway, are there other options?

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Call the City!  They have very convincing ways...
I'll call too... I frequent Morris and the improper parking drives me NUTS!
Unless it is posted "No Parking in Bike Lane" (which I think it isn't on Morris) there's nothing anyone will do for you.  Police won't ticket if it's not posted. Parking services doesn't give a giant flying whoop.  E-mail your city councillor and ask him or her to support a change in the ordinances that will make parking in any bike lane prohibited--whether there is a sign or not.

Cars parked in bicycle lanes cause cyclists to veer into traffic which causes motorists to blame the cyclists for unsafe riding.


It would be beneficial if there was more of a movement on behalf of the cycling community to bring awareness to this situation. I understand that motorists need a place to park as pedestrians need a place to walk – so too, do cyclists need a place to ride and if a lane is designated as a bicycle lane then it should not be blocked. It is a safety issue pure and simple.


The City Councilor for District 6 which includes Nob Hill is Rey Garduño, Vice President. I for one plan on writing City Councilor Rey Garduño but I would be love to hear any other ideas about how this issue could be brought to the right peoples attention to help make Albuquerque an even greater cycling city.


For the full list of City Councilors visit http://www.cabq.gov/council/councilors/albuquerque-city-councilors



Ok, I can't resist posting this video regarding the issue of parking in bike lanes in NYC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzE-IMaegzQ


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