I was so happy to realize that construction has begun to install underpasses along the North Diversion Trail. It'll be a bit of a pain for a bit but when it is done one will be able to travel all the way from UNM to the Ballon Fiesta park without ever having to cross traffic! I'm guessing that there might be some landscaping involved as well. I was told by a city worker on the trail that at least some of the underpasses will be done by April.

A sincere thanks you to all those who voted in favor of the bond(s) to get this done from one very happy rider!

Anyone else seen any recent bicycle trail upgrades?

UPDATE: I took this panoramic photo last week Feb 18. The construction workers have managed to clear away all of the concrete from the side of the arroyo that will ultimately become the underpass for the bicycle route. It is looking really great already and while I would not recommend it, I think one could get through on a  mountain bike. This is the underpass that will be at Montgomery.

I'll periodically continue to post updates. 

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That is great news indeed!

I'll periodically continue to post updates. Feel free to share your updates.

The north diversion already has an undercut for Montgomery. This picture looks to be either the Comanche or Candelaria undercut. I would also not recommend riding a mountain bike on the undercuts. They are currently laying the rebar that will support the concrete and besides being impaled by rusty metal, one could mess up the work that is being done.

When this work is finished it will be nice not to have to deal with traffic. The north diversion channel does cross one rode ( Singer Ave ) but its an lightly used industrial rode. Many riders by-pass that section of the bike path anyway due to the number of rickety bridges one must cross between the I-25 undercut and Osuna.

Underpasses are nice if you're just passing through.  I hope they don't make it more difficult to actually connect to/from the streets where some of us may need to go...

Menaul in particular, since it's not a recognized "bike route" in the official lexicon, but there are nearby businesses/destinations that cyclists may want to access.


And quit encouraging users to bypass construction detours... 

Undercuts ( or notches ) are open! and they did leave bike path access to all the streets, so you can still go to world market and get your wine on.

Hi, I just found DCF and this forum recently. I've gotten back into cycling after a 20 year lapse.

Yes, the underpasses are nice but you still have to cross Indian School. Heading North on the trail it is impossible to see cars heading East on Indian School. Keep your ears open folks!

And Singer? It's getting two more lanes put in as I type this. We'll need an underpass there some day soon. So far I've had to wait at Singer for only a few minutes but if these two extra lanes increase the traffic flow...


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