My 8 year old daughter and I would like to find a level, leisurely bike trail ANYWHERE in ABQ/Rio Rancho/Corrales PLEASE.

We are not mountain bikers or even small hill bikers and we are relatively new to the area so directions will be most helpful!

Thank you in advance!

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The bosque trail down by the river stretches across the entire city and is flat.  the only downside is that it is also quite packed especially when the weather gets nice.  Still, it might be worth checking out.

Yes, the Bosque Trail (which runs from Alameda to south of Rio Bravo) is a good choice, and it does get quite busy, especially during nicer weather in the mornings on weekends or after work.  Another good choice may the North Diversion Channel trail, which goes from Balloon Fiesta Park all the way down to UNM's North Campus (and, underpasses are being built to avoid traffic on several cross-streets, which is way great); but this trail is much more exposed to wind, so avoid it when it is blowing!  There is a nice connector trail between the Bosque Trail and the North Diversion Channel Trail along Paseo Del Norte, by the way.  Finally, you should get the excellent City of Albuquerque bike trails/routes map, which is free (can download an electronic copy, I think, from, or paper copies at local bike shops).

Happy cycling, and be safe!

Two useful links:

Please be sure to review the rules of the trails first  make sure your child has a helmet - it is the law - and enjoy!  I agree with Krista that the Bosque trail is an excellent choice for you.  All the people might even be an upside! Hope you enjoy it.

The North Diversion Channel, which runs from UNM Hospital north almost to Balloon Fiesta Park is quite flat (water flows down hill...) and rather uncrowded. You do have to stop and wait for traffic at major intersections though.

Here's another vote for the Bosque Trail. It's scenic and very flat indeed, even compared to the N Diversion Trail. The Bosque Trail also has dedicated underpasses at major streets and thus avoids almost all traffic, which may be a concern with a kiddo. Krista is right about the crowding, but I've found that's much worse on the northern section (Central to Alameda) than the southern (Bridge to Rio Bravo). There are usually fewer agressive riders on the southern stretch as well. You can park at Tingley Beach and head either north or south, but that area's often especially crowded. Another option is to use the parking lot for the National Hispanic Cultural Center (Bridge and 4th) and head south. The trail runs along the western edge of the NHCC lot.

While the North Diversion Channel is flat it isn't as lovely as the bosque trail and because it's so exposed it's frequently very windy.  Another reasonable alternative once you and your 8-year-old have gotten some saddle time is the trail along Tramway from Central north to, well, the tram.  Although it's hilly it's not a bad trail in terms of attractiveness, and north of Montgomery the traffic isn't too bad - plus great views of the whole city.

Now that I think about it the N Diversion trail isn't altogether that flat, either...there are a couple of gradual, but fairly long ascents in the area around the Big I.


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