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There is currently a new North Valley Bike Park being built by the county. This project is a multidisciplinary off road park designed for all skill levels and age groups. Downhill, Slalom, Trials, Free Ride and jump areas are included in this plan. 

Great progress has been made since construction began. Local biking enthusiasts were involved in the planning meetings and this project is near completion with the official opening slated for Saturday October 22 2011.


For additional information see the following links:


A recent update from:

Grant Brodehl

Park, Open Space and Trail Planner

Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Dept. 

111 Union Square St. SE, Suite 200

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Office:  (505) 314-0400

Direct:   (505) 314-0433

Cellular:  (505) 259-6012

Fax :  (505) 314-0436



Dear North Valley Bike Park Supporters,


I apologize for the delay in providing an update on the bike park.  If you’ve happened to drive past the site in the last month, you’ll notice that the topography has changed quite drastically with new jumps, berms, rollers, start hills, and wooden features.  We’re still a few weeks away from finishing up the bike park, but my hope is it will be ready to open by the end of September.  We’re also planning an official grand opening event that is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 22.  I’ll let you know when the park is open and provide more details about the grand opening event as plans develop.    


In the meantime, one way that you can help is by letting your fellow riders know that the park remains closed until construction is complete.  We’ve had a few riders hop the fence and ride the facility, and we’ve had some damage to features under construction because of that activity.  Thank you so much for your support. 






P.S.  Below is a picture of the 3-pack table top line as viewed from the start hill.




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I really like that .pdf file of all the stuff/location of the various jumps and tracks - lots of stuff for bmx-ers (who are a lot younger than me) - but that's okay.  Great looking project. (I could never understand why the city thought a  BMX track in the desert really needed an expensive cover, right next to a residential area - this location makes better sense, layout and cost-wise.) 


Hey, if you use the <image> button, (second from top left), you can drop that pix in directly for us to view - it's not showing  now.


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