Just a little curious, so enlighten me as to what your flavor of the bike world is. I know ABQ has a diverse pallete; we have foothills and alleys, mesas and ditch banks along with long and lonely desert highways. Where do you like to ride, and why? Albeit for commute or leisure, exercise or keeping the CO2 down, we all share this in common. So tell me about that special stretch of land that makes you love your daily ride.

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My riding is mostly for pleasure. I live downtown, so access to the Paseo del Bosque riverside trail is usually where I find myself. I head either north or south from Mountain Road. Lately, I have enjoyed the southern route which is about 25 miles RT from my house on the trail and after Rio Bravo takes you past industrial areas and along huge concrete lined arroyos. The trail loops around and once it heads north again, there is a fantastic straightaway which, if the wind is at your back, is a real rush. I have a mountain bike and road bike so I sometimes head down into the bosque on the trails as well - also by the river. Preference there is for the bosque trails on the west side of the river after crossing at Alameda. But there is also good riding off the southern route (east side of the river) around Rio Bravo. Its tight, squirrelly riding with nice embankments and lots of underbrush. Good fun!

Dude! Sh-ha!  I have a Canondale Super-V for the off-road and a Novarra 14 speed for the road-touring and my favorite is a bike that lead the way in bicycle development.


Originally a Cadex Carbon Fiber rigid fram Mountain bike, my "Urban Assault" bike now sports 1.25 bald tires with 90psi of low rolling resistance.  This is for takin' it to the streets - all the enduro of the mountain bike with the lower rolling resistance of street tires.  When I'm heading out the door for who knows what I'm riding the "Urban Assault."  Yeah, you can get it from a lot of manufacturers now that I've worked the kinks out....


Woah!  I thought the head line said "What" not "Where...."


Well, I ride east on Constitution to Louisianna where I cross over the freeway to Wionrock.  I continue east on the diversion channel to Tramway via a couple of different routs. Then a haul ASS back downhill, poppin' air on the "Urban Assault" every chance. Or I take the "UA" or the Novarra on a circle from my house via the North channel to Paseo del Norte, west to the Bosque Trail, then south to Rio Bravo. If in in good form I'll go up Bobby Foster past Journa Pavillion and take University (assaulting the airport) and home down Girard.


To many rides to mention here - kinda depends on which way the wind blows... sometimes it's out to Mesa del Sol and back on University.

Oh no, go ahead and also include your, shall I say, stallion. We all love to talk about our machines!
The Duke City to Santa Fe via Tijeras and Madrid. This is up the Turquoise Trail.  The ride to Madrid is amazing! Yes there is a lot of climbing to get to Madrid (not to mention that much more to get to Santa Fe), but I love to stop in Madrid, hang out on the porch at the Soda Fountain while refueling and then pushing up to Santa Fe on a pretty challenging ride up around the Ortiz Mountains.  Then refuel at the Cowgirl Cafe in Santa Fe and hop on the RailRunner back to ABQ.  This is a very challenging ride for even the fittest of riders.  Either allow for a lot of time or make sure you are in a strong group. I think it is about 75 miles or so (from the middle of ABQ to the downtown RailRunner station in Santa Fe). Did I mention it is really difficult? This is my favorite ride.


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