Some of these pictures were taken as far back as mid May, but I haven’t had time to post them until now.  Also, I’ve cropped them down small as not to take up too much space, but I still have the full-size ones, if anyone needs more detail (though keep in mind that many of the birds were far away and even high-res pictures may be pixelly).

For about two weeks I saw a lot of Western Tanagers.  This one, possibly a female, has a juicy berry...



The only other time I have seen White-Crowned Sparrows was down in Bosque del Apache, and due to the lighting conditions, they were a lot browner. This one was in the deep shade.


This bird was half gray-brown, half yellow and about robin sized.  He/She had a very sharp beak.  This is the sharpest picture of the whole bird that I could get, and I haven’t seen it since.  Like the above two, this bird and the following unknown yellow bird were in a huge tree in an alley south of Silver, east of Harvard...

This yellow bird had unusual head markings (which are no shadows). Its bill is finch like and the bird was sparrow sized.


Did you know you can hire guard hummingbirds?


Enjoying breakfast on Laguna Blvd. SW. Just watch out below for a light snow-fall of feathers.


More from Laguna Blvd.  This bird was with a flock of three or four and they were merrily flitting from tree to tree, slowly heading north.  I looked it up at home and am 99% sure it is a Cedar Waxwing, though it is yellower than any pictures in the books, except one picture of a one-year-old “immature” bird.



Seen just north of the Waxwing above, I think the following bird is a Bullock’s Oriole.  I only saw it from the front – the brilliant yellow was hard to miss.  It did cross the street and I was able to see it from below.  Still yellow and I think the wings were dark, as the back of the neck seems to be.  A Very Sharp Beak.


I saw this Sharp-Shinned hawk being chased by a smaller bird (it happened so fast I didn't see what the brave bird was).  The hawk made it to the safety of a very high perch and stayed here quite a while, regaining his composure. This was at the park on 16th Street just a few blocks south of Central. This park and Laguna Blvd are good birding areas all year round.


Berries are popular with many birds, it seems.  This kingbird was seen in a mulberry bush his morning.


I saw this robin, then realized she was taking this cricket to a nest a few inches away (not in the picture).  I didn’t see any babies, though I did get pictures of her hunkering down in the nest guarding the kid(s).

My suggestions for bird watching include:  go early while it’s still cool (or later if it's winter).  All but one of the pics above was taken before 10am. Listen for calls you don’t recognize.  Take water and a snack, and extra batteries for your camera.  Set your camera up for “continuous” shooting so that if you get a good shot, you can take a lot of them and later delete any you don’t like (blurry ones, ones that the bird moved out of, it turned out to be a sparrow, that kind of thing).  Have fun!


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Nice pictures! Pic #3 looks like a macgillivray warbler but they are quite a bit smaller than the robin sized description. Check it out see what you think....if you see it again watch for the "broken" eye ring its a dead give away. Pic #4 its hard to tell but it looks like a female black headed grosbeak. like this one maybe? thanks for the pictures post more if you get some.

Thank you for the ideas and the link -- your pictures are beautiful!  I was going to brag that I finally got some clear shots of a spotted towhee yesterday.  It had just been up in a tree, screaming (or coughing or some weird noise) at a cat (who was terrified), then the bird flew a bit, landed on the ground nearby, and stated dashing around there. I got some shots... then my batteries demanded to be changed.  However, your pictures are much more clear and clean and present good examples.


I enjoy having this place to post local birds :)  Post some of yours here, too!


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