There are two good locations to view them in Albuquerque where they won't be disturbed: 1) just north of the entrance to Sandia Casino a Burrowing Owl is in the prairie dog colony. 2) The west side of Calabacitas Wash west of Golf Course Rd. You will need to park along the street that borders the west side of the wash and then walk down Golf Course across thee bridge that goes over the arroyo. They nest in a carved out opening on the wide of the wash.

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Judy, I looked for the owls at location 2) without success. The points of the compass are kind of confusing there as nothing lines up exactly. The only area I saw that looked like it might host owls is the southern bank of the arroyo, east of Golf Course Rd. - there are lots of small holes in the "cliff" that look like might be good habitat for Bank Swallows, but nothing was moving this morning. Did you mean "east" when you said "west," or do I need to examine the western area more carefully?
There indeed have been Bank Swallows nesting there in years past. There were 2 parents and 2 chicks last year in one of those cliff holes. I have not been there this year, but the person who showed them to me and lives nearby e-mailed me to tell me they were back.
The following photo was taken south of the Sandia Resort Golf Course (east of the casino) this morning. There are several Burrowing Owls living in a prairie dog colony fairly close to Tramway Rd. just east of the entrance to the golf course. When they are up, they are easy to see from the shoulder of the road:

What a wonderful photo! Glad you saw several. I only saw one on Sun., but have seen more in prior years.
This is a great photo.
Judy -

Could you offer some tips to watching the burrowing owls without disturbing them?

Like most wild birds, they can be spooked and fly. If you are in a location where you can use your car as a blind, such as at the entrance to the Sandia Reservation, that is ideal. If not, stay as far back as possible, move slowly, be quiet - normal bird watching ettiquete.


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