Hooray! Just spotted a large "V" of Sandhill Cranes heading south (naturally) over the Rio Grande in the North Valley. Don't you just love hearing their calls as they fly?!

Thought I'd start this discussion so we could have a place to report our sightings this season.

Please add your sightings and comments.

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Hey, Bill...great sound indeed! Saw my 1st pair 2 weeks ago and a buddy who lives farther South called me

from BdA a week before that reporting ~20 flew in with huge #'s of Canada Geese. This warm weather will no doubt freak 'em out a bit I'm afraid. The corn down by me is still 8' tall and the farmers are barely 1/2 way into the silage process. They really dropped the ball on the crops at the Refuge this year, Bernardo looks pretty good...be interesting to see how things play out. I picked up a new TC for this Season...ready to rock! ;)


"Like" this post. Wish I had been looking for it earlier.

Their cry thrills me to the core..makes me want to go on an adventure. I have enjoyed watching them at the Los Poblanos Open Space off Montano.


Just now, 6:56am, Feb 11, 2012, heard a lot of honking outside -- not cars, but geese.  I ran outside to see them (didn't take my camera, it wasn't light enough yet), and caught sight of two long skeins, vaguely V shaped, heading north.  For all I know they may do this every morning, but at this time, 5 days a week, I'm waiting at the Alvarado Transit Center for my bus.  Actually, last week (end of January), I did see about 20 geese (definetly large geese) heading vaguely northwest, over the ATC, no doubt heading for the river or maybe even the fields of north Rio Grande Avenue (where I saw some cranes and an alpaca in mid January).  I don't think the geese are  migrating yet, just looking for a different place to get some coffee and eat breakfast burritos.  Nice to hear and see them though :)

There is a group that winters every year in the large field on Gabaldon just south of I-40. I love to hear their call.

I've seen several large flocks of Sandhill's headed north this week. It is time. There were very few at Bosque del Apache today, but there were many hundreds, maybe as many as a thousand at Bernardo Waterfowl Management Area. Similarly, there were less than a hundred light geese at BdA, but easily a thousand or more at Bernardo.


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