I saw a warbler this morning I would have called an Audubon's Yellow-rumped female except it had a complete eye ring. Pale yellow throat, indistinct yellow sides-flanks. I could not see the rump. Two wing bars and a lightly striped chest. Spotted near the foothills. I've gone through my Sibley's and cannot find a match. Any ideas?

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Skip, your description doesn't immediately bring in ID to mind, sorry. Remember that fall birding can be challenging as many species are cloaked in the winter plumage or in transition. So pay particular attention to those illustrations for winter coloration. Also, young birds of may species are more striped than adults. Good luck.

Thanks, Bosque Bill. I thought the pale yellow throat might be transitional, but the complete eye ring did me in!

These pages need a "like!" button, too :) I'm getting out more these days (no mosquitos!), so maybe I'll see your mystery bird in the Country Club area.


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