Just a few blocks south of my art gallery on San Pedro is without question the best Vietnamese restaurant in Albuquerque. It is called Pho #1. I have been to all the popular Vietnamese restaurants, and this little known gem beats them all. Move over May Cafe....You will find no shortage of local vietnamese families eating at Pho #1 which is always a good sign.

They specialize in beef soups that are to die for, and if you are under the weather, will kill any cold in a day. They also have all the traditional menu items you would expect at excellent prices. Their spring rolls are bigger and better than anywhere else. If you want something sweet after your meal, they have these delicious milkshakes with unusual flavors: avocado, coconut...not what you would expect but delicious nonetheless.

The restaurant is run by a very nice Vietnamese family, whose children often help make up for any staffing shortages. Supporting local businesses is one of the best ways anyone can make a difference in their community.

Check out Pho#1 next time you are out scouting around for a nice m...

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I agree with you about May Cafe...they were the first in town (I think) but there time in the spotlight has long passed and they no longer stack up well against the competition. I'll have to try Pho #1, but my personal favorites remain Cafe Da Lat and Cafe Trang. The pho at Da Lat is incredible, and Trang's rice-vermicelli bowls have no local peers as far as I'm aware. I hear good things about Viet Taste and the new french-style Vietnamese place on Menaul, too. Have you tried any of these? How does Pho #1 compare?

FWIW, you can get avocado milkshakes (and mango, jackfruit, coconut, etc.) at both Cafe Trang and Vietnam 2000 (San Mateo & Zuni).
I have been to Cafe Da Lat and Vietnam 2000 and I don't think they compare, but admittedly, I didn't try the pho at Da Lat. I am interested in the new restaurant on Menaul, but I haven't made it out yet. I have not been to Cafe Trang, so I can't comment on that one. There is another one on Juan Tabo, that I can't remember at the moment.....it was OK, but Pho #1 is still my favorite.

I would be interested to hear your opinion after you try it. You clearly know your Vietnamese food!
Great call! Phở #1 is my weekday favorite as well but I'll admit that others excel with different dishes. Here's what I like at each of my top 3 Vietnamese joints in Albuquerque:

Pho #1
Killer phở (I always get #51 small) and salted lemon soda

Cafe Trang
BBQ pork spring rolls
Spicy lemongrass soup (Bún bò Huế)

Cafe Da Lat

Lime beef salad
Ginger chicken noodle soup (phở ga)
Liquor license
Cafe Trang & Que Houng are excellent, but all of my Vietnamese friends swear by Saigon Restaurant on San Mateo.
Yup, Saigon's definitely the one!
I'm Vietnamese and i have to say my favorites are Que Houng and Viet Taste. The service at both places are brilliant!! I have to admit thought i've been going to Que Houng longer and it is my favorite place to go, they have great service and the best rice crepe and pho!

I recommened the Grape leaf rolls as an appetizer!
and best of all they're open on Sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a die hard Cafe de Lat fan. Good vegetarian options, nice couple that owns the place. I used to like Saigon but I think it is not as good as it used to be. I like Pho #1 also.
I will have to try De Lat again, as the last time (2006) I ate their it was mediocre (and I am being kind).
The main squeeze and I went to Pho#1 this weekend based on DCF's posting;

We ordered "7 courses of beef" and had the best time!... roll our own spring rolls, cook beef at your table, delicious seared beef with lemongrass and sesame oil, beef congee (a thick rice flour soup with beef), a fantasitc beef meatloafy thing with glass noodles as the hold together carb;

so good and really fun... and only 30 bucks for two people and we took food home.

We will be going back, its fun to play with your food.
I thought I would give Pho #1 another shot. Went there Friday. Still no my favorite food but damn those people that own the place are soooo nice that I will go back there.
Excellent. since this isnt even 3 miles south of me on san pedro i have to check it out. i love the vietnamese food i do. i'm seriously not into the raw beef though. Right now my favorite Vietnamese would be Kim's on menaul. Their Lemongrass Chicken is exquisite and the french blueberry tart i got to finish my meal with was amazing as well. Its going to be hard to beat out Kim's in my book, but i cant wait to find out if they do!
I didn't know about Kim's. Where is it on Menaul? I would like to check it out.


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