Every time i come on here i have to stare at those wonderful donuts up top there. and they been calling me. THEY'VE BEEN CALLING ME I TELL YOU! so this morning i went to Dunkin and what an amazing disappointment. i NEVER eat these kinds of things for breakfast. i dont even want to talk about the abortion they served me in the form of a breakfast sandwich. so tell me WHERE IN THE HECK DO THOSE DONUTS UP TOP COME FROM?!?!?!?!? they look absolutely delicious. from google'ing it there it seems as though the ABQ has a local donut deficiency.

sorry i couldnt take it anymore. this question has probably been answered before, but when i want donuts i want a cinnamon sugar thing going down and those have been screaming at me or a few days now.

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unfortunately satellites/flying weasel has decided to copy starbucks and they tend to only do dark(burned) roasts..

Michael Thomas Coffee, is one of the few roasters here in town that does a good light/medium roast.

And for its worth, i hate C.C. They had theworst excuse for a french creller ever!!!

as for bready hole filled foods. Einsteins is pretty good, Wolfes was pretty good, Ny Bagles are pretty good..
You know Wolfe's is still around, right? Montgomery and San Pedro...as tasty as ever.
oh man they are disgusting in my opinion but just try and have that convo with a southerner. they'll flip. my best friend lives in chapel hill, nc and man oh man i love dissin the KK in front of them. its hysterical. they just completely freak out. its an institution in the south.
yeah - but watching the machine crank out hundreds of the little buggers under a waterfall of sugar glaze was pretty damn cool...and they'd give out free donuts. i wish more businesses were as participatory and engaging, and for that i liked them.
It was fun to watch, and a single KK donut straight out of the fryer/glazer/thing was pretty tasty. More than one, though, and they became disgusting sugar bombs. And a free biscochito from Golden Crown beats a free donut any day. Mmm - it's too bad Golden Crown doesn't make donuts - I bet they'd be great.
Brand-spankin-new to town, I haven't yet ventured into Golden Crown, but of course have rubbernecked with enchanted curiosity as I've passed by... I will have to go in very soon, have me a cookie, and inquire whether they've ever considered making cinnamon sugar donuts!! If we all ask, would they take the ole "message from the universe" idea?

And oh how I too miss Top Pot when looking at that same damn gorgeous picture... Mighty-O was also pretty good, as was the anarchist donut stand at the Pike Place Market... Seattle's definitely a gastropod's dream.. in more ways than one.
As a heads up- Sergio's Dolce Vita just finished remodeling, so it actually looks nice in there (No more of the garage sale theme it had). It still has local italian dive-of-a-bakery thing go for it, but now with a fresh coat of paint and everything where it's supposed to be.
I thought I was the only one in town who cared about donuts, since I hadn't found any good ones. I realize I'm in the minority here, loving Krispy Kremes (only glazed, only when the HOT sign is on), but I took it personally that they were here when I arrived (mid 2005) and disappeared shortly thereafter! It is painful for me to drive by the defunct stores. I'm not Southern, either...well, Southern Cal....
All is right in the world again. Krispy Kreme is back!
Nob Hill Bar and Grill certainly does make a fabulous donut. Tonight's dinner there ended with the Maple & Bacon donut and it was easily the best donut I have had in years, not to mention the best maple syrup I have ever tasted. The bacon was subtle and matched perfectly w/ the maple syrup. Now $5 is not cheap for a donut, so probably not for everyday or taking to the breakfast meeting, but it was pure heaven and will keep me satisfied for a good while and I look forward to a savoring another.
Neither have I ever had such a combination before as a donut. Although since childhood I have dredged my bacon thru the remaining syrup from pancakes, waffles or french toast; so that combination has been enjoyed by me for some time.

I understand the unlikelihood of your getting to partake in this creation, but if you do, you will discover it is a very dense raised donut. But, if you can get a dining companion to order it, you might be able to taste the heavenly maple syrup as it comes on the side.
Love the donuts, the maple bacon donut sounds pretty awesome, i make a maple bleuberry sausage, pretty awesome also. Speaking of James Beard, the bread bakers apprentice is one of my favorite books. The french riviera bakery on 4th, his baquette, parisian and peasant breads are very good. The french place on the 4th street mall on copper has a very good croissant danish. i wish i had more time to drive or bike around trying different types of food and drink, this is a great thread.


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