I have to thank all the people I've met in Abq for pointing me in the right direction for good breakfast. My boy and I ventured to The Range Cafe on Menaul yesterday morning, and I fell in love with the place. It was fairly busy, but the wait was barely 15 minutes, and WELL WORTH IT! He got the breakfast burrito (was huge and packed with fluffy scrambled eggs and sausage), and I got the Huevos con Queso (basically an eggs benedict with queso instead of hollandaise).

It was truly a treat. I highly recommend the place if you haven't tried it yet.

So, my dear DCF friends and suggestors - are there any other hidden breakfast gems that I should try next??

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well thats very good to know. all i've every heard from my wife's family members is that you go to the original in Bernalillo or you dont go the Range.

lets see here the ol brain isnt working just yet for restaurants

i really dug Mannie's by UNM the last time i was there. delicious and hearty!

i hear Barelas is the place to be for breakfast
I realized that I really enjoy Mannie's too- I think its my new favorite breakfast place, and breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day...
I'm a fan of the Range, particularly the Menaul location and the original Bernalillo location (that makes for a nice Sunday brunch drive if you take the scenic route). Their Taos Cow milkshakes rock - Holstein Sunset = delish.

I had a good breakfast at the Grove some time ago, I need to go back and refresh my memory. Smaller portions, but high quality ingredients.

I had one really good breakfast at Mannie's and one really mediocre one with terrible service. Could have been an off day that second time.

My boyfriend is a fan of Hurricane's and we usually hit up the Frontier at least once a month.
Slate Street
Murphy's Mule Barn
La Nortenita
K&I Diner
what should i get at Murphys for breakfast?

i went there a few weeks ago and got chicken fried steak and about fell on the floor from laughing so hard. i've never seen chicken fried steak that big in all my life. pretty decent stuff too. not the best ive had
but i lived in the pseudo-south (oklahoma) for way too long, so i've eaten a few artery cloggers. it was just a little too greasy. i just think their oil needed to be a little bit hotter. and the gravy was just good and nothing special. but i'd love to go back and get breakfast some day. i just liked the atmosphere. it just feels like these kind of places should feel. no pretense whatsoever and friendly as can be.
Their pancakes are good, and I hear the cinnamon rolls are crazy. I like to soak up the atmosphere, especially before I had a 'real' job and could go and watch the pre-work regulars hanging out, reading the paper, drinking coffee, and smoking!
Slate Street for anything breakfasty

El Charrito for fabulous New Mexican favorites

Mannie's because we always see Bart Prince there on weekends, and their vegetarian green chile breakfast burrito is filling for less than $5.00 and the service is great.
slate street is yummy. I also love java joe's on park street and 10th (just past the roundabout on central) and we go there a couple times a month. it's a less pricey but still delicious option. the eggs benedict at the little french place on central and dartmouth (next to buffalo exchange) are great. they have other good breakfast stuff, too, I hear. I'm surprised no one has mentioned gold street cafe yet. their red-chile glazed bacon is amazing. mmmm...bacon.
University Area: Mannies is decent- but don't neglect the Chocolate Bakery & Cafe across the street. Only place in town I've had chocolate raspberry pancakes.

Nob Hill: Head a little east and go to Loyola's on Central and Adams.

All over town: Garcia's

All three of the above serve good old fashioned non-burnt-to-a-crisp coffee.

Other places of merit: Perennials on San Mateo and Osuna, The Standard Diner on Central near Broadway for Sunday Brunch (same guys as The Range) and the place at the Hispanic Cultural Center (also for Sunday Brunch).
I have had some really good breakfasts at Ropers up Central just east of Wyoming. Nice homey atmosphere and good food at a reasonable price. Alot of neighborhood people go there. The building has been there forever and before it was Ropers it was Miltons. I used to go there with my parents and my kids when it was Miltons and that was in the 80's.
Definitely the Barelas Coffee Shop.
I really like the french toast and breakfast burritos at Vic's Daily Cafe. Its hard to get in there on weekends especially on Sunday mornings. I've never had a bad breakfast at Loyola's. Perea's has a good carne adovada and eggs breakfast.


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