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Perea's on Central (west of Eubank) is pretty good.

Barelas Coffee House, El Camino, or the Range for me. Red, por favor.

(I like both of those very much as well.  The coffee at The Range is better, too.)

I agree hands down. Regardless of the virtues of their chile, one thing most New Mexican restaurants share is terrible coffee...

Yep, if I want serious coffee with a serious breakfast, it's Satellite for coffee and a "Rise and Shine," which they frequently run out of very early ... the sandwich, not the coffee.

I like the El Camino and feel it is too-often overlooked in favor of Barelas, etc.  Thanks!

Barelas... but I haven't tried Perea's yet.

I like The Range.

Absolutely the best I have run across is the Huevos Rancheros with Cheese and Green Chile Stew @ the Frontier Restaurant.  Home made tortillas, and nobody else gives you  a topping like the green chile stew.  You can have your eggs any way you want them; I like them over easy.

So you like flour tortillas with your huevos? While I love a good breakfast burrito (and the Frontier's with carne adovada is mighty tasty), for me huevos rancheros require corn...

My favorite also - the tortilla at the bottom is corn. I take mine with hash browns and the green chile stew - OMG its heaven! Only downside is the Frontier's crappy coffe. Never understood that.

I love the Range's, but the ones at Cocina Azul are excellent, too.  Great tortillas!


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