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Many moons ago I was there and it was much too salty…..maybe they have improved since I was there.

Still looking for Old Mexico style huevos rancheros.. more like a pico de gallo topping instead of the red or green NM style.  Any suggestions?

My favorite was Chocolate Cafe (r.i.p.) but now I would have to say Cecilia's Cafe. Unfortunately, they also have horrible coffee

Great responses so far, everyone - this is great!!!

Additionally.... does anyone do a great "traditional" Huevos Rancheros in the original sense, meaning SALSA instead of chile? I'm going to bet that will be a "Mexican" vs "New Mexican" distinction, in terms of the restaurants that do one vs the other.

the huevos-like dishes at Sophia's/Ezra's pretty much fall on the salsa side of that divide, don't they?

Mick's Chile Fix on Candelaria.  The best Red Chile, Perfect Eggs, Corn Tortillas, Excellent Rice, Refried Beans.  Huge Flour Tortilla to sop up any of the left over chile.

Mick's can't be beat for breakfast pretty much period.  Awesome diner pancakes.  Try the Hungry Man with Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns, Red Chile and a pancake.

His only fault is not being open Sunday morning to fix my hang over.

Second best would be the food truck at behind Intel.  You have to have a badge to get to 'em but Huevos with Red and Chorizo and cubed fried potatoes and whole pinto beans.

Third best would be at my house using Mick's chile.  :)

Great thread!  Definitely going to try some of these places.  <Wondered why El Camino always seemed so busy...>

But taking a step back, what do you like in Huevos Rancheros?  What are the features of great Huevos?

BTW Andrea, at home I always made mine with salsa - didn't know it was Mexican, it just tastes good!

Fresh, lightly griddle-fried corn tortillas, scrambled eggs, and some thick, hot, smoky red chile. And maybe some hash browns or potatoes on the side...

That's the trick ... "Fresh, lightly griddle-fried corn tortillas"

-- they seem very hard to come by, and I prefer them, too.  

I'm pretty partial to the huevos rancheros at Loyola's, and yes, they too have bad coffee!

I recommend Mary & Titos on 4th Street,

Best red chili in town

I'm also looking for Old Mexico style huevos rancheros on corn tortillas with a pico de gallo style topping.  No south valley recommendations?  I kinda miss the bad coffee in Mexico too, with the grounds on the bottom.


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